Happy Tail: Schubert (formerly Biscuit)

Schubert has had to adapt to a lot of changes throughout the first year in his forever home. Luckily, he has plenty of company and is welcoming a new kitten into the mix.

After her senior cat, Amédée, was diagnosed with cancer, Leonore was worried the other half of her bonded pair, 19-year-old Pastishe, would be lonely. Leonore had a lot of vet visits with Dr. Vlad Stefanescu at Yonge-Davenport Pet Hospital to ensure Amédée’s comfort. During these visits she found out about a kitten (known as Biscuit) who was being fostered there and was the last of the litter to find a home. One morning she woke up and decided she would adopt him. Schubert came to his forever home in August 2016.

Biscuit as a kitten

Schubert adapted instantly to his new life and was a great comfort to Amédée in his final days. To ensure the transition went smoothly, Leonore made sure he had his own space so he wouldn’t be overwhelmed as Leonore also has a standard poodle named Garance.

Schubert's doggie buddy

At first she worried how the small kitten would fare in the full house. She created a “Schubert room” where he could stay when Leonore couldn’t supervise them. But Leonore didn’t need to worry; thanks in part to his enormous appetite, Schubert has grown and is not timid among the more mature pets.

Usually he’s content sitting outside and observing everything from the covered balcony and sleeping anywhere that’s comfortable, but every once in a while he’ll try to attack Pastiche. “Shubert is so sweet, but it’s been hard for him to be the baby, as Pastiche is too old to play,” Leonore says.

Schubert now

She was keeping her eye out for a young playmate for Schubert when she learned of another Annex Cat Rescue litter that was being fostered at Dr. Stefanescu’s clinic. She was focused on finding the right fit and as she watched the kittens grow and develop, she chose a cat named Johannes (formerly named Yoshi) to be the perfect addition to the family. Prior to coming home, Schubert and Johannes had the opportunity to meet at the vet clinic and the visit went well. Johannes even pressed his face into Schubert’s chest.

“I believe in the work Annex Cat Rescue does in saving and rescuing animals that need a good home and I’m glad to be able to provide a home,” Leonore says.

–Jillian Kaster

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