Happy Tail: Loki and Homer

Although it was Loki’s one-year adopt-iversary we celebrated over the summer, I feel I should start our story where our Annex Cat Rescue adoptions started, with our beloved Homer (formerly Achilles).

In March, we celebrated five years with Homer. I’ve never seen a new cat settle in so quickly. Within hours of arriving at our apartment, he was out of the bathroom and interacting with our elderly cat and anxiety-prone dog, Bailey — not the easiest group to get along with! I still refer to him as our “miracle cat.”

An ACR volunteer had told us some of the cats from Homer’s colony seemed to have a “gentle gene” that made them tame by nature, and if such a thing exists, Homer’s got it. As our other cat’s health declined, Homer was his constant and faithful companion. When we finally said goodbye, Homer shared our sadness, and it somehow seemed to bring us closer. He is now quite vocal and loves to spend his afternoons snoozing on his bed on my desk, within easy reach for frequent scratches, and during the colder months he loves to snuggle up to us in bed – under the covers! We can even pick him up with minimal fuss.

Homer and Loki

We couldn’t adopt right away after our senior cat passed, as we were embarking on major home renos. After two years of construction and loneliness, we knew we had to get Homer a very special companion. I’d been checking the ACR adoption page, and when I saw Aspen’s photos and description, I knew he was “The One.”

Aspen in foster care

After bringing him home and experiencing his goofy personality, we thought a name change was in order, and thus Aspen became Loki. Our “tiny Viking” is always full of play and mischief, but he’s also incredibly friendly and even comes when called, from the front of the house all the way to the back. In his quiet moments he plops down on our stomachs or laps for loving.

Loki tries to befriend everyone he meets, but his favourites are definitely his furry brothers. Homer’s almost gotten used to the grooming sessions, and they chirp at each other and tear around the house like two happy kittens. Even our dog gets in on the action. Loki was quite apprehensive about Bailey at first, but a careful introduction and giving them the time they needed really paid off. Loki even tries to groom Bailey!

Loki and Bailey

Having three rescue animals in one house can get hectic, but we love every minute of it. Loki and Homer sometimes need their time and space, but they certainly love having lots of toys to keep them entertained, a cat tree to climb, and bowls full of healthy food – all the comforts of being housecats.

We’re so grateful that Annex Cat Rescue took our boys in from the cold, and we’d especially like to thank Homer’s foster mom Ruth and Loki’s foster mom Stephanie for getting them off to such greats starts in their new life. Adopting an adult “former feral” is not always easy, but for us it’s been incredibly rewarding.

–Nancy and Jason

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