Happy Tail: Tennessee

“Tennessee is so much fun!” Sam and Jeff gush.

When they went to meet Tennessee at his foster home, they found him silly and sweet. “He took to us right away,” Jeff says. Sasha, a long-time ACR volunteer, trapped the then-six-month-old kitten last year in the Dundas and Brock area and became his foster parent. Sam could tell Sasha and his partner Sharon loved him, too. But the forever-home match was quickly approved after seeing Tennessee interact with Sam and Jeff.

Tennessee in foster home

When Tennessee got home, he was introduced to 10-year-old Sybil, also adopted through ACR in 2013. Jeff and Sam had hoped to find her a suitable companion. “We were worried… being an older cat it would be hard for her to share space,” Sam says. “She was a bit upset and tolerated Tennessee,” Jeff recalls. “But after a few months it turned into sweet sibling love,” Sam grins. Now, they groom, play, and eat side by side.

Tennessee has become a constant source of love and laughter. “He’s very uncoordinated,” Sam says. “He grew tall and lanky but hasn’t quite figured out how to be smooth and elegant in his new body!” Adds Jeff: “He’s always crashing into things. Knocking stuff over and skidding around corners.”


“If we hear a crash in the other room you know he’s in there,” Sam says wryly. Tennessee also loves to play with water. So, they bought him his own water fountain. Jeff and Sam will find toy mice drowned in the pool and huge puddles where he had been splashing in the water. “He also loves to cuddle,” Sam says. In the middle of the night he’ll come and nestle under your chin or arm. “He is very affectionate and loves to nuzzle,” Jeff adds.

Tennessee and Sybil

Sam and Jeff are very happy with their choice of a second feline family member and pleased they are doing their part in helping to home rescued cats. Jeff encourages people to adopt. “There are so many cats that need homes.” Tennessee has conjured so much love in Sam and Jeff’s household and become an important member of the family. And, Sybil is blessed with a special friend.

–ACR Volunteers

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