Happy Tails: Spock (formerly Treble)

Spock has found himself a forever home where he can live long and prosper with his human, Sarah.

When Sarah was looking to adopt another cat after her previous cat of 18 years passed away, she was focused on finding the right fit as she wants to have many years with the newest member of her family. She lined up visits to view two kittens that were up for adoption on Annex Cat Rescue’s website.

Spock as a kitten

Her first visit was to see a kitten named Treble with cute facial markings that emphasized his pointy ears, similar to that of a certain first officer of a famous fictional starship. He was described as playful and friendly, which reminded her of her previous cat.

When she met him, she knew immediately that she would like to adopt him as he was instantly comfortable in her presence. He even rolled over for belly scratches.

A week later she brought home Treble, now named Spock, and at first she kept him confined to the bedroom so he could adjust. After a few days he was getting antsy so she gave him access to the entire apartment. Right away he began to explore and jump up on everything.


Sarah took the first few days off work so that she could spend time with him. When she returned to work, like any new cat mom, she worried about him being alone. It turned out she didn’t need to. When she came through the door she was greeted by Spock who in no time had climbed up onto her shoulder and fell asleep.

Spock continued to flourish in the apartment: no place is off limits and everything has to pass his inspections. He will sleep right next to Sarah on her pillow or on her chest so she can’t move without disturbing him. His curiosity compels him explore the whole apartment and get into places he shouldn’t like on top of the cabinets. He always needs to peek into bags that Sarah brings home. Plants don’t survive long in Sarah’s apartment.


Unlike his namesake, he is sometimes a little illogical and Sarah suspects he may be a little bit of a canine because he plays fetch. It took her a while to realize that when he brought his favourite crinkly balls or hair ties to her that he wanted her to throw them so he could retrieve them. “Every day is an adventure with him,” she says.

Sarah’s advice to anyone looking to adopt is to take the time to meet the right cat because hopefully it’s a friend you will have in your life for a long time.

It’s been a year since Sarah brought Spock home and she says not much has changed. “He’s just a bigger version of his younger self.” And she’s looking forward to many more years with him!

–Jillian Kaster

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