Happy Tails: Stardust and Snowflake

As cat lovers we tend to focus on the feline-human bond. But the feline-to-feline bond can be just as important. There’s no denying it: some cats just belong together. Like Stardust and Snowflake — otherwise known as ‘celestial soulmates.’ They are best buddies and are coming up to their 16th anniversary living and loving as a bonded pair in their furever home.

Stardust and Snowflake

When adoptive mom, Moira, spotted the soul-mates on ACR’s website, she was instantly intrigued. Her cat had passed away and she was looking to adopt two cats. Moira understood that bonded pairs bring each other much needed comfort and company. Despite some initial challenges, the stars then aligned to bring this happy family together.

Just like human friendships, feline friendships sometimes are born from serendipitous moments. “Stardust was adopted out previously, but did not get along with the cat in the adoptive home,” says Moira. When she was brought back to ACR, the volunteers found that Stardust had become aggressive. It turned out that the antidote to her aggression was Snowflake. “ACR gave her Snowflake to look after her to calm her down and moved them both to a new foster home,” Moira explains.

It was at their new foster home where Moira encountered a serious game of hide and seek. Both cats hid from view initially and it wasn’t until former foster mom Sylvia showed Moira pictures that Stardust came out and meowed. She seemed to approve of Moira immediately. However, Snowflake was absent during the entire visit. The persistent game of hide and seek did not deter Moira — she knew Stardust and Snowflake were a package deal and the three ended up going home together.

Like siblings, bonded pairs can be very different in their personality traits. Stardust and Snowflake are both female and come from different litters. There is a slight age difference — Stardust is half a year older. While Stardust is a lap cat, Snowflake is more independent. But Snowflake lets Moira know when she wants attention on her terms. Although they get along well, “Snowflake always initiates cuddles with Stardust, but Stardust sometimes doesn’t like her space interfered with. Snowflake sometimes likes to take over the place,” says Moira.

As cats grow older, adjusting to different needs becomes a natural part of the living arrangement. Stardust has arthritis so Moira bought her a set of stairs so she can easily get on the bed.

Stardust is able to lie on the bed thanks to her special stairs

Making accommodations for personality quirks is also part of the process of growing together as a family. Snowflake likes hiding under something — like the covers in the guest room.

can you spot the cat?

But even cat friendships rely on sharing some common interests. For Stardust and Snowflake, it is the love of being combed! And these felines are lucky because there are two apartments in the home that Moira lives in. Her cousin lives in an apartment on the first floor and Moira is on the second floor. When the cats want to be combed, they go to Moira’s cousin’s apartment downstairs first, and then come back upstairs for more attention in Moira’s place. “They run both of us – me and my cousin,” says Moira. “They run the roost.”

Being part of a happy family for almost 16 years is truly something to celebrate. Stardust and Snowflake were adopted as kittens in January of 2002. They are now 16 and 16-and-half years old!

Moira found the adoption process to be very easy. “I was very happy with ACR and when I need to adopt again I’ll come to them, but let’s hope that’s not too soon.”

There are so many great reasons to adopt two cats. They provide each other with exercise, entertainment, company and as we’ve learned they can be a calming influence on each other. Best of all — adopting more than one cat saves more lives!

–Nina Yanko

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