Happy Tails: Acorn

At Christmastime, it’s hard to imagine a more fitting Happy Tail than that of little Acorn.

Charming and irresistible Acorn was initially fostered by Sydney, arriving with his sister Patty-Pan and mom Butternut. This is part of why Sydney believes Acorn had a quick and easy transition to his new home. She was told Acorn had some congenital malformations, but she wasn’t dissuaded from nurturing the trio.

Acorn the kitten

Sydney didn’t treat Acorn any differently from her other fosters, as he “didn’t need to be… He needed several surgeries on his jaw and to close his eyelid, but he came through each one adjusting and acting typically. He had a bright and fun personality and was always the source of laughter and love in the house.”

This regular Annex Cat Rescue foster mom enjoys working with the organization because no matter the challenges encountered, she receives education, advice, and reassurance. Sydney says, “Small hurdles are easily resolved, they are very responsive. I’m open to take in whomever ACR has need to place and have learned a lot about cats, patience. I’ve had lots of fun with all of my fosters.”


Sydney enjoys being able to help with rescuing animals that would otherwise have no healthcare, food or a warm home, especially for the cold winter months. She comments on how she’s always adopted rescue cats and is happy to take a turn as a foster, even if it’s hard to give the kitties up.

The ability to approve the adopters (post-ACR screening) gives her peace of mind that the cat is going to the right caring and loving long-term home. Acorn found his forever home with Kelly, who was happy to adopt this super-affectionate kitty.

Kelly describes when they first brought Acorn home. “He was a little frightened and stayed in his carrier for most of the day, but gradually came out and started to wander around the house. He is now the king of the house and we wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Happy Acorn

November 2017 was Acorn’s one year “adopt-aversary.” In the last year, he has grown into a big fan of Kelly’s daughter, following her around and even stealing the dog’s food to hide under her bed. He is also extremely playful, hiding behind walls and doors. Kelly says that Acorn will “wait for you to walk by, then he jumps out and tries to hold on to your leg.”

As for the best part of adopting a rescue animal? Kelly replies, “Giving them a second chance to be loved and to live their life as part of a family.”

–Kirsten Joy

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