Happy Tails: Jedi (formerly Kiwi)

Yesenia first heard about Annex Cat Rescue when she was looking for a companion for her new kitten named Coba, who she had recently adopted from another rescue at a large adopt-a-thon event. After doing some research, she decided to adopt a friend for Coba from ACR because she liked that the cats were placed in foster homes with caring volunteers focused on finding them the best possible forever homes.

Kiwi in her foster home

Choosing the sweet, gentle kitten Kiwi to add to her family was an easy decision. However, as a relatively new cat owner, Yesenia had a lot of questions and was thankful that Kiwi’s foster mom Sarah gave her a lot of information and advice on how to welcome her new kitten into the family.

Jedi arrives in her new home

After a quick trip on the TTC, where she proved to be a natural traveller, Kiwi arrived at her new home with a new name: Jedi. Unsure of her new surroundings, it took Jedi a little while to get comfortable. Luckily, her new sibling Coba had a really sweet demeanor and the two became fast friends. Jedi took a bit longer to warm up to her new human family member, but Yesenia’s patience and encouragement eventually paid off.

Jedi and Coba

As she explains, “One night I was watching TV and Jedi came over and gently head-bumped my hand and started purring.” It wasn’t long before Jedi was sleeping curled up in her mom’s lap, and to this day she still signals that it’s cuddle time by head-butting Yesenia’s hand.

These days, Jedi can usually be found sunbathing or scratching on her cat tree either alone or snuggled up with her best buddy Coba. True to her name, she prefers using her Jedi mind tricks over meowing to get attention from her humans, and she likes to practice her agility by chasing her electronic toys. She also excels at learning from her “Jedi Master” Yesenia, especially when there are treats involved! Her skills include being picked up and held, holding still while getting her nails trimmed, and shaking a paw on command.

Jedi in cat tree

Yesenia would definitely recommend adopting from Annex Cat Rescue, especially for new or first-time cat owners. She found ACR’s adoption coordinator and foster parent were really welcoming and happy to answer any questions she had. Her advice to new cat owners? “Do your research.” She says there are a lot of great resources to help tackle any issue or behaviour problem your cat may have (she found the book Think Like a Cat by Pam Johnson-Bennett to be especially helpful). With time, patience, and training… plus lots of snuggles, Yesenia says she couldn’t have asked for a more perfect pair than Jedi and her buddy Coba.

–Ellen White

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