Happy Tail: Tavi (formerly Dakota)

Here’s the story of how a little cat name Dakota ended up with a new name, a home of her own, two loving human parents and a sister cat.

Her adoptive mum, Talene describes how they decided to adopt a cat.

“A friend of mine had adopted a cat from Annex Cat Rescue and had a really good experience so we decided to try it, too. We had a cat, Ophelia, who was already one-and-a-half years old. She seemed a little lonely and we thought that adopting a cat was a good way to give another cat a home.”

Tavi as Dakota

Both cats are girls; Dakota is about a year younger than Ophelia.

“We renamed Dakota Octavia. We call her ‘Tavi’ for short. We gave them both fancy names,” says Talene.

Talene says they introduced the two cats slowly, over the course of a week, so that they could get used to each other, starting by keeping Tavi in a separate room.

Otherwise, “All we had to do was get a second litter box and a few extra toys. Luckily, we have enough room for two cats. They get along really well. They play together and wash each other.”

When asked about what toys she likes, Talene explained that “Tavi has a peculiar but wonderful way of playing — she plays fetch. Her foster mom Susan told us about it. She chases these little soft balls and she’ll just keep going until she’s exhausted and even then she’ll bat at the ball with her paw. Playing fetch is the first thing she wants to do when we wake up in the morning.

Tavi is still very kitten-like

“Tavi is still very young and kitten-like. She chases our other cat more, but she’s very sweet and she does like to cuddle. She’ll sit on me when I’m watching TV.”


And Talene has nothing but good things to say about ACR. “We’re really happy with Annex Cat Rescue. We think they did a great job and the service they provide is really good.”

No doubt Tavi agrees.

–Kate Kalcevich

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