Happy Tail: Hemingway

Alice and her family were looking to adopt a cat but were interested in fostering first. They had read about Annex Cat Rescue, and liked that they were volunteer-run as well as being focused on all cats, including those that were feral, a bit older, and possibly had health issues.


Their family decided to foster Hemingway, a beautiful cat (he’s part Bengal!) who was suspected to be around 10 years old and also happened to be FIV+. He had been rescued by Annex Cat Rescue after he was found living under someone’s porch. But he was very friendly and ready to be fostered.

When Alice brought Hemingway home, she had been warned that sometimes foster cats can take some time to get comfortable in new homes, and to expect him to hide under the bed for a few days. But this wasn’t the case for Hemingway! “He ran around our home as soon as he arrived, meowing loudly, and tried all the beds before settling on the most comfortable one, purring like a tractor,” says Alice.

Hemingway testing all the beds

At first, Hemingway had some issues with his diet and litter box use, but Alice says that the volunteers at ACR were a huge help, providing “quick and effective support” to solve these problems.

It wasn’t very long before it was clear that Hemingway had chosen them as his family. “It was a foster fail…” Alice says “We much prefer to have adopted this way. The cat came to us, we did not have to make a choice.” Hemingway is now a full member of the family, having just celebrated his one-year adopti-versary!

Hemingway is very vocal

Hemingway is not described as a lap cat, but Alice says that he is very vocal — always active and talking. When he is excited to see someone, he jumps straight up on to them and climbs on to their shoulder, purring the whole time. “Whoever he does that too feels very special and loved!” says Alice.

Having Hemingway as a member of the family has prompted Alice to recommend fostering or adopting from Annex Cat Rescue to several people she knows. “I’d like to convince people that FIV+ older cats can also be great to adopt!” she says, “I like that Annex gives a chance to older cats with medical conditions.”

–Victoria Jefferies

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