Happy Tail: Vincent and Toulouse

In 2017, Patrick welcomed these two smiling faces into his home.

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“I had lost a cat a few months earlier [in the year] so it took a while before I decided I was ready for another cat,” says Patrick when asked how he came to adopt bonded kittens Toulouse and Vincent. “I wanted to get two because they could keep each other company,” he explains. When he decided it was time, he started looking on the Annex Cat Rescue website.

He gravitated toward the Annex Cat Rescue after seeing the Rescue’s name on toys being sold at his veterinarian’s office.

“I went on the website and looked at pictures and looked at descriptions,” he says. Almost immediately, one bonded pair stood out.

Something about the description and the cute pictures caught his eye, but still debating adoption at that point, he missed his chance.
“Two days later, I looked again and found a couple of kittens. Again, something about the description caught my eye. They were part of a litter of four. I got in contact and said I’d like to meet the whole litter.” The litter were named after famous painters. “Vincent was named after Vincent Van Gogh, and Toulouse, even though she’s a girl, was named after Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, who was the French poster artist,” Patrick explains. The litter also included kittens named Frieda Kahlo, Jackson Pollock, and Spot. “Spot was kind of the odd one,” said Patrick, laughing, “his name didn’t quite fit the theme.”

He was initially keen on meeting Spot and Frieda, however, Spot was mostly focussed on playing with a toy when Patrick arrived. “While I was trying to get his attention, Vincent came up to me and acted like he was saying ‘Hey, what about me!’”

The foster mother told Patrick that it was unusual for Vincent to be the first to approach a newcomer, as he was usually the shy one of the group. Throughout the meet, Patrick noticed that it seemed like Vincent and Toulouse were hanging out more with each other than with the others. “After being there for a while and playing with both them, I thought maybe they would make a good pair.”

Toulouse and Vincent when small

And they have! “When they were smaller, they would pretty much always snuggle together, always fall asleep together or on top of each other,” he says. “Now they’re a little more independent. They still play together and sometimes will snuggle up together when they sleep. They’re clearly friends.”

Toulouse is the more affectionate of the two, coming up to Patrick when he arrives home to ask for cuddles, usually followed by an emboldened Vincent asking for a belly rub. “Toulouse is the more immediately cuddly one, a real sweetheart.”


“Vincent also definitely responds to affection and clearly likes it,” says Patrick, “but he’s a little bit less active at first about coming up to me. He’s the more athletic one. He’s much more of a jumper. He’s the one who for a while, the top of the fridge was his favourite place.” In fact, Vincent was sitting atop the fridge when we began our call.


Despite a scare with Toulouse (a serious ear infection requiring a stressful trip to the emergency vet and recovery time) Patrick says that the two are now healthy, happy, and definitely active. “They had a pretty good routine where two or three times a day it would be play time and they would go chasing each other across the apartment, banging into furniture,” he chuckles.

They both seemed to be fascinated with running water for a while, “They would both jump up to the kitchen sink when I turned it on.” One time, Vincent was peering down at the filling bathtub when he accidentally fell into the shallow, soapy water. “It was like he suddenly discovered he had zero traction, so he had to start scrambling like crazy trying to get out.”

Don’t worry, Patrick saved the day and rescued him before his paws got too wet.

Toulouse and Vincent now

Patrick was very pleased to speak about Vincent and Toulouse, and it was evident that adopting these two was a happy decision, and the three clearly enjoy each other’s’ company. There are many benefits to adopting cats, including — as Patrick noted — greeting him at the door when he comes home, and cuddling at the end of the bed at night. Don’t hesitate to welcome new furry friends into your life — you won’t regret it!

– Jessica Pellerin

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