Happy Tail: Jasmine and Noah

When Amy first spotted six-year-old Jasmine, the cat had already been waiting about a year to be adopted. As Amy explains, “People had been coming by to take a peek, but with Jasmine being an older, quieter cat, there were not as many opportunities for her as the younger cats.” Jasmine was initially a very shy cat, taking weeks before she would sit on Amy’s lap. It was unclear what had happened to Jasmine during the early stages of her life, however, she soon became comfortable with human interaction.

Jasmine in foster care

Two years after adopting Jasmine, Amy decided she wanted to give her a companion and provide another cat with a loving home. After having a positive experience adopting Jasmine, Amy — who had volunteered with ACR in the past — knew it would be the best place to adopt her second cat.

Noah, a four-month-old kitten formerly known as Phoebe, was quite skittish when she was first brought home. By the time Amy had adopted Noah, other previous adopters had already returned Noah back to the organization, claiming she was too hyper and disruptive. Yet within a month of being in Amy’s home, Noah had become much calmer and really showed her personality as being a playful kitten.

Noah was known as Phoebe

Now with two cats in the house, being opposites did not initially bode well for these two felines. Jasmine has a more quiet and relaxed personality, while Noah’s personality is outgoing and active. They both kept to themselves in the first few weeks and were not yet adjusted to their polar-opposite personalities.

Being patient and caring was the key to this relationship as they soon became very close. Amy gave them their space, letting the cats naturally settle in on their own terms and become comfortable with each other’s personality and quirks. After a month or so, there was a noticeable difference as bedtime became much more enjoyable now that they sleep and cuddle together. Amy says, “Noah, being the younger kitten, brought out a playful side in Jasmine. They really complement each other.”

Jasmine and Trevor

Their relationship really came together when Jasmine had an emergency visit to the vet for a minor eye procedure. Upon taking Jasmine to the vet, Noah expressed signs of concern for her companion. Amy recalls the moment she brought Jasmine back home, as Noah knew something was wrong and really wanted to care for her. “She helped bathe her, almost like she wanted to be the mother cat.”

Now seeing their personalities intertwine, on many days the cats can be seen running around the house together. Noah loves to play and explore while Jasmine likes to observe and stand by as the calm presence in the house. Amy also mentions that both are “lap cats who enjoy petting and treat time each night.” Despite adopting two cats with a difference in age and contrasting personalities, Jasmine and Noah are now best friends, as opposites really do attract!

Jasmine & Noah

Amy is very grateful to the ACR for helping her find Jasmine and Noah. Looking back on her experience, she says, “They have brought so much joy to my life, my home, and to each other. I’m proud to have adopted from Annex and I encourage others who are considering it to learn more about this amazing organization. There are many other cats like Jasmine and Noah of different ages and experiences who need a caring forever home.”

— Justina Tran

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