Happy Tail: Lenny (formerly Frisco)

While on the hunt for a second cat companion, Kara wanted to support ACR, so she decided to search the Adopt page on Annex Cat Rescue’s website. A lover of black cats, when she saw Lenny (formerly known as Frisco), she knew he was the one.

Lenny as kitten

Kara describes her experience with ACR and adopting Lenny: “I think it’s wonderful what the ACR volunteers do for the homeless cats of Toronto…[Lenny] had some tummy issues and I couldn’t take him home right away. His foster mom was amazing about letting me come and visit, until he could come home with me.”

Looking to create a slow introduction to her resident cat, Pip, Kara attempted to keep Lenny in her bathroom so he could get comfortable. The new kitty was eager to meet his new BFF and spent the whole night scratching at the door, so in the morning she let them meet.

Lenny and Pip

She says, “It was love at first sight and they were grooming each other that same day. He was very comfortable in my home right away. Now Lenny and Pip play and fight and cuddle all day; they’re very bonded. Lenny is still a shy guy when I have guests over, but once he’s comfortable he’s a goofball again.”

Lenny today

In addition to classic cat antics of knocking things over, Lenny loves playing fetch, and always lets Kara know he wants to play by bringing her his favourite toys. He likes to chase his tail (sometimes in the tub!) and can be very chatty in his high-pitched voice. One of his funny habits involves standing and sitting on Pip, who is easygoing and “accepts his dominance and weirdness.”

Lenny and Pip

Lenny and Pip are a source of so much joy and laughter for Kara. She says of their happy influence, “It’s hard not to wake up in a good mood with them around. They give me more than I give them. Also, it’s nice to know that adopting a rescue animal makes room in the shelter or foster home for another to be saved.”

–Kirsten Joy

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