Happy Tail: Mauie

From their association with the Dark Arts to their recent shunning because they don’t photograph well in selfies, black cats suffer more than their share of troubles. Fortunately, some adopters, like Georgia and her partner, want to take in a black cat specifically to mitigate the bad rap these great cats can get. And when Georgia spotted Mauie on Annex Cat Rescue’s website she was “instantly obsessed.”

For Georgia, it was all in the eyes. “This sounds weird,” she says, “but they look kind of sad, in a way.”

Maui as a kitten

Perhaps Mauie’s eyes do harbour an underlying sorrow that a self-described “big, weird cat person” could divine. As kittens, Mauie and her siblings were discovered under a shed and her profile explained that she was a nervous cat, who didn’t like being picked up. Georgia appreciated Annex Cat Rescue’s honesty. She also knew that it might mean that Mauie, already at a disadvantage because of her colouring, would be overlooked. She was willing to give Mauie the space and time she needed to blossom.

“We always want to take in a damaged one; they’re so cute when they bond with you, and they really appreciate you.”

Mauie now

It’s been a little over a year, and while Mauie is still sometimes apprehensive about being held, she has come a long way. During their visit to the foster’s home, Mauie hadn’t been willing to let anyone touch her. Despite this, it was obvious that she was a sweet cat; she was simply scared. It didn’t take long — about a month — for Mauie to start trusting her new owners and transform into their sweetest kitty. She’ll even let them pick her up and hold her for a while now.

three friends

Mauie wants to be near her owners or their other two cats at all times. Don’t let her cuddly personality fool you, though: Mauie is the boss of the house. Her spot on the four-tier cat condo is right at the top. Not only that, she’s not shy about demanding where her scratches and pets take place.

top of the cat tree for Mauie

“She leads us downstairs to a carpet and she just plunks down and waits for you to scratch her and rub her,” Georgia says. “It’s really cute.”

And breakfast? It happens at 7:00 am, whether that’s when Georgia wants to wake up or not.

Don’t be scared of an animal that is a little bit nervous or shy, advises Georgia. Giving these special cats a chance to flourish is particularly rewarding.

–Leslie Sinclair

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