Happy Tail: Kimchi (formerly Patty-Pan)

Sometime things don’t go exactly as planned. This is something that Stasia is very familiar with — especially when it comes to adopting cats!

The first time Stasia and her partner adopted a cat, they had originally planned on adopting from a shelter. But after having the cat of the choice adopted by the person front of them in line, they went home and Stasia went on an internet search. This search eventually brought them to Annex Cat Rescue, and they adopted a beautiful cat who they had for 10 years. About a year-and-a-half after their first cat passed away, Stasia knew it was time to find another, and knew exactly where to go: Annex Cat Rescue!


Stasia selected three cats from the Annex Cat Rescue website and found out that two of them — her first and third choice — lived at the same foster home. But just like before, their first choice was not meant to be!

While at the foster home to visit both cats, Stasia says that their third choice, an orange female named Patty-Pan, “was very friendly, curious, and totally cute.” She also had an “adorable bubble-gum pink nose, and a kink in her tail” which gave her a lot of character.

It was an easy decision as she won them over. They named her Kimchi, and she was theirs!


Stasia said that she had “at least one friend warn [her] about orange cats, and how they are a little nutty.” She didn’t believe them at first, but Kimchi has proven her friends right! Kimchi “races around [the] apartment chasing kibbles, toys, imaginary butterflies…[and] loves to hang out in the bathtub, and bat a styrofoam ball around” says Stasia.

Kimchi also loves to wake everyone up in the morning by attacking their toes! Something that Stasia describes as “annoying and extremely endearing at the same time!”

Kimchi sleeping

Stasia is definitely quick to recommend Annex Cat Rescue to others looking to foster or adopt. And while her first two times adopting may not have gone exactly as planned, its safe to say that if the time ever comes again, Stasia will know exactly where to start — with Annex Cat Rescue!

–Victoria Jefferies

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