Saluting Karen Leitch 1953-2018: Dedicated ACR Volunteer

Karen LeitchWe were saddened to learn of the passing last month of one of our volunteers Karen Leitch. Karen was a loving and dedicated caretaker in our Kensington colony for approximately four years. She also volunteered with us at the Tranzac Gift Fair and other events.

Karen spoke highly of her experiences working with the Kensington cats: “Being a feral feeder was the most rewarding and satisfying experience ever! As the cats recognize you they wait for you and in their feral way are so glad to see you it did my heart good! I am one of the fortunate few that has had actual physical contact with “Princess” on the Kensington route – she rubbed up against my leg not once but twice. It’s also very satisfying to see the work that ACR does in controlling large colonies.”

“It does your heart good! It’s amazing to have these cats waiting anxiously for you (okay, it’s the food they’re waiting for, but they’re also glad to see you!) and have them greet you in their own individual ways. Rescuing a cat or a kitten – I have no words to describe how wonderful that is, especially when a passerby helps (as one did when I rescued [a] dumped kitten) and the trappers are amazing – working with them was always a treat.”

Karen feeding

Karen is survived by her nieces Katie and Judy. She also leaves behind her adored cats, Simon and Boubou, who already have a new home arranged.

Karen’s obituary.

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