Happy Tail: Muffin

Our thirteen-year-old tabby, Morgan, was asthmatic and diabetic and passed away from stomach cancer in April 2017. He was a such sweet boy and we’d had him since he was a kitten. Two months later, we were ready to open our home and our hearts to another cat and have a companion to our six-year-old tabico, Crumpet (adopted from the Annex Cat Rescue when she was a kitten). Although she and Morgan got along extremely well, she has a feisty nature at times so we knew we couldn’t adopt an adult cat. I thought she would accept a kitten better. I have a soft spot for tabbies so kept my eyes open for a tabby kitten. Tabbies tend to be chatty, cuddly and friendly and I think are the next best thing to having a dog.

One Saturday morning a posting on the Annex Cat Rescue Facebook page caught my eye. They were having an adopt-a-thon at Pet Uno in Little Italy and there was a picture of a tabby kitten who would be there. Though the adoption didn’t start until 10 am, my husband, Gord, and I were there at 9:50 am, anxiously waiting for this kitten to arrive. When she got there, she was so small, furry, and cute. She was about three months old and her name was Muffin. Crumpet and Muffin! It was meant to be!


We were able to take her home that day. She hid in a closet for a day or so but then made herself at home! She has a few favourite spots. She loves to lay on my closed laptop. She’s inquisitive and spends a lot of time sitting in the windows watching what’s going on outside. We put a blanket on top of our dresser in our bedroom and she likes to spend her afternoons sleeping there. In our living room, our couch is against a wall with a big window. Crumpet and Muffin have their own pillows on the back of the couch/on the windowsill and they spend their evenings there snoozing.

Muffin and Crumpet

Muffin is a cuddly chatty girl who loves attention. Any time we go into the room she’s in, she assumes we are there to fuss over her (so of course, we do!). She’s very vocal and lets us know when it’s meal or treat time. We don’t need an alarm clock with her around because she let’s us know when it’s breakfast time!

Muffin and Crumpet

Muffin and Crumpet have a funny relationship. I think Muffin would love to be Crumpet’s snuggle buddy but Crumpet’s not into it (calicos can be feisty and moody). Although Crumpet hisses at Muffin at times, she also cleans her face before meal times, so I have hope things will change as Muffin gets older and matures.

–Teena (ACR volunteer)

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