Happy Tail: Chloe

Chloe was suffering from a uterine infection and weighed less than three kilos when she was dropped off at the vet by a woman claiming she was a patient. The vet, however, had no record of Chloe, and the woman disappeared. After her discharge, Chloe was placed in foster care with Jacquelyn where she stayed for about two months until Jacquelyn left on a series of trips. During that time, Chloe lived with another foster, Carly.


“She’s such a classy, smart cat,” Carly recalls. “Her personality reminded me of an old lady. She was prim and proper but also liked to have fun.”

That combination proved hard to resist: Jacquelyn decided to adopt Chloe while she was away and picked her up from Carly as soon as she got home. Jacquelyn spoke to ACR via email for this story.

What attracted you to Chloe?

Where do I begin? She’s beautiful and her fur is like a cloud. A friend claimed she was the softest thing they’ve ever touched. She jumped in my lap on the first day that I fostered her and started purring – she has a pretty easy personality that calms my anxieties. Even though she must have been somehow abused, she’s the sweetest, gentlest cat.


Does she have any unique personality traits?

At least once a day she goes ‘crazy’ and tears through the house. She has little fuzzy tufts of fur on her feet, and she slides all over the wood floors when she does this. She also really enjoys sitting on the edge of the bathtub while I shower (or take a bath… bit awkward!) and she insists on sprawling across the bed each night before we go to sleep, taking up all of the space. She’s quite spunky but also calm and calming.

Chloe on the bed

How has your life changed since you adopted her?

Definitely for the better; I can’t imagine life without her. She makes me laugh and lets me hold her when I’m sad. This has been a hard year for me as it marked the transition from my life as an academic and an archaeologist, where my time was structured around solitary work and frequent travel, to one that is working a regular full-time job at a desk all day. The challenge and let-down of having to re-envision my career (because there are very few jobs in my field) was actually channeled into something positive by my decision to take a big step forward in adopting a cat, which I’ve wanted to do forever.


Why did you choose Annex Cat Rescue?

I’d been fostering with ACR already, after fostering with Nine Lives Greece when I was in Athens and the Maryland SPCA when I was in graduate school in Baltimore. ACR had by far the clearest and easiest system and were willing to work around my work travels, which made me feel like I could make a difference in volunteering. It’s a phenomenal organization and run by wonderful people.

Do you have any advice for people who are considering adopting a rescue cat?

Try fostering first! It’s a great way to learn about the many personalities that individual cats have, and to get a sense about what kind of cat you’d like to adopt. Also, adopt an older cat! Kittens are really high energy, but an older cat knows herself and it’s just a matter of finding the right match.

–Leslie Sinclair

Chloe and Jacquelyn moved to Los Angeles last summer. Follow Chloe’s shenanigans on Instagram: @chloe_in_california

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