Off the Streets

We’d like to share with you stories of recent rescues and work ACR volunteers are doing within our own colonies and with community members throughout Toronto so you are aware of the kinds of situations ACR has been dealing with. Our vet partners have been especially helpful and generous with their space and time this past month. We are very grateful for their support.

Here are just some of the cats we’ve recently been able to take into the ACR family. It has been a crazy, CRAZY summer and our trapping volunteers and foster coordinators are putting in many long hours.

Two moms, 12 kittens

one of the kittensEarlier this month we received a request for help from a 90 year-old lady who had discovered two moms and 12 kittens living in her garage at Eglinton & Keele. She called the city and they agreed to take the kittens but she had to get them there! An independent trapper who we had helped with another colony stepped up and trapped all 12 kittens and both moms. TAS kept the one mom who was friendly, the Etobicoke Humane Society accepted nine kittens (!) and ACR took three. The last mom was feral and was TNR’d. What a great group effort to help cats in need!

If you’d like to help the 3 kittens we took in with their vet expenses, please consider making a donation to ACR.

Eric learning indoor life is pretty good

Eric and Dana

These 4 month-old siblings were trapped at a colony near Islinton & Queensway. They were to be transferred to another rescue in the morning but the kittens were so frightened the volunteer “hosts” and their trapper decided it would be less traumatic for them just to stay where they were. With scared kittens, nothing helps more than an “Uncle” cat. You can see the difference in Eric that a week can make. Eric and his sister are not frightened any more and will be up for adoption in September.

If you’d like to help Eric and Dana with their vet expenses, please consider making a donation to ACR.

Huey LouisHuey Louis

Even though our Kensington colony is closed, we have “eyes” watching out for new cats who may start frequenting the area. This is how we came to learn of Huey Louis, a thin and sickly-looking cat. Huey was easy to scoop and taken right away to one of our vet partners. The vet determined his teeth were completely rotten and he needed a full mouth extraction. Huey is now in an ACR foster home, living pain-free and off the streets.

If you’d like to help Huey Louis with his vet expenses, please consider making a donation to ACR.

Kia's botfly

Nasty botfly

ACR took in three 10 week-old kittens from a backyard colony during the last heat wave. Their mom was feral and TNR’d. At first they were quite hissy but after a week they settled down. Jag and Kia had botfly holes (don’t look at the link unless you have a strong stomach!) in their necks and were on medication. Jag’s neck healed quickly but Kia needed another week of medication. Once they are all a little more healthy, they will be spayed and neutered and placed for adoption.

If you’d like to help this trio with their vet expenses, please consider making a donation to ACR.

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