Happy Tail: Simba

When Veronica first met Simba, “it was love at first sight.” Quick to showcase his fun-loving nature, he instantly began playing with Veronica’s hair, which marked the beginning of their bond. Simba was a five-year-old stray cat, who had been rescued off the street by ACR, and at that time was being fostered by John.

According to John, Simba was “a really sweet little guy!” He had a strong friendship with another fellow cat and they would enjoy cuddling and cleaning each other. One of Simba’s favourite activities was to climb up to the highest level of the cat tree and just curl up in a ball. Looking back on his time with Simba, John recalls him being a very friendly and playful buddy.

Veronica was initially introduced to ACR through an event at her workplace, which in collaboration with the ACR, had brought two kittens to her office to encourage adoption and bring awareness. Having just moved into a smaller apartment, Veronica and her partner had pondered whether it would be the best time for them to adopt. Fast-forward a few months and they had decided to jump on board and happily took Simba back to their home.

It didn’t take long for Simba to get cozy in his new home. Veronica recalls that it took him 20 minutes to “smell the place, and then he just went for a nap in our bed.” She could not believe that he was a stray cat, and in awe of how comfortable and trusting Simba had become so quickly. Shortly after, they introduced a giant cat tower, which Simba immediately used upon waking up from his nap. Being such a loving cat, Veronica recalls getting cuddles on that first night they brought him home.

Now upon meeting Simba for the very first time, Veronica’s partner Ian was initially a bit concerned that Simba might be a little too playful, however that changed as they soon became best pals. Simba’s daily routine includes him insisting on sitting on Ian’s lap for at least a couple of minutes. Loving the attention, Simba also playfully demands daily cuddles and petting. Veronica mentions that Simba may even be fonder of Ian now than of her!

In addition to Simba’s love for cat trees and cuddles, he also enjoys going for little strolls in their hallway, as well as sunbathing. Being the friendly cat that he is, he’s quite welcoming to guests, and has even made friends with the birds that come and go on their balcony.

Now having Simba a part of her life, Veronica says she can’t imagine what he may have gone through while he was a stray cat. Despite enduring life on the street, Simba has settled wonderfully into his forever home, bringing much comfort and joy with him. Veronica says that his life now consists of “long naps in bed, laser tag, sunbathing sessions, catnip, food, and tons of love back from us.” Sounds like Simba is living quite the life in his new home!

– Justina Tran

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