Happy Tail: Boomer (formerly Junior)

Boomer is a special cat, who has had a special journey to his forever home.

Boomer (whose foster name was Junior) is FIV+, and due to an untreated infection he had when he was younger, suffered some scarring in one of his eyes. Luckily for him, Boomer was taken in by Annex Cat Rescue and ended up at the welcome home of his foster dad John, along with another cat, Simba. Boomer and Simba had a wonderful bond and this was a harbinger for the great things to come in Boomer’s life.

Boomer and Simba

While Boomer was living with his foster family, Nicole and her family were looking to adopt an adult cat. At first, Nicole was worried that her kids would be more interested in a kitten, but Boomer was the first cat they met and everyone “loved him right away.”

Boomer is the perfect cat for his new family. He is Nicole’s constant companion; she calls him her “little marshmallow lump” and he can almost always be found napping two feet away from wherever she is. She says that he is “not a lap cat” but that he will “awkwardly drape himself across [my] legs in case [I] forget that he’s there.”  He has a reputation in the house, and with the vet, of being one of the sweetest cats around.


Over the past summer, Boomer was given the opportunity to once again bond with another cat. Nicole and her family fostered a litter of kittens and said that Boomer took to them straight away, and spent the summer teaching them how to groom, and play! One of those kittens — Ripley — became so attached to Boomer that she is now a permanent member of the family, and best friends with Boomer.

Ripley and Boomer

Boomer is a fantastic example of an older cat with some health issues who truly makes themselves at home anywhere he goes.

–Victoria Jeffries

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