Happy Tail: Miso (formerly Cisco)

Not all cats would call the bathtub their favourite bed — many cats fear the idea of a bath! But not Miso, who’s always enjoyed playing in water and sleeping in the tub.

His adoptive dad, Peter, found out this funny trait right away. “When we first met him at his foster home, he’d recently fell into the tub and was soaked. When we brought him home, we realized what happened: he loves to sleep in the bathtub. You can find him there almost every night.”


In his foster life, Miso went by “Cisco” and lived with Sarah in 2017, who also describes his love for water.

“He was always sitting beside the sink! Because Cisco loved water so much, one of the ways I would find him if he was hiding or sleeping somewhere, was to run the tap in my kitchen. Within 10 seconds, regardless of what he was doing, he was right beside me.”

What a great trick for finding a missing kitty! Peter has another funny story about Miso hanging out in the sink, having a drink as the tap trickles. He says, “One time, he sat on the drain and blocked it, so the sink filled up around him and he got drenched. After his swim, he decided to jump into bed with us. Nothing like a soaking wet cat to wake you up in the morning!”

Miso and Joe are best buds now

Unexpected wake-ups aside, Miso was a very sweet boy from day one and has kept on being his loving self. Eight months into living with Peter and his partner, they introduced him to another rescue cat, named Joe. As they slowly introduced her to Miso’s space, Joe was a bit combative, but Miso’s “relentless playfulness and kindness eventually won her over and now they’re best friends.”

Peter enjoyed his experience adopting through Annex Cat Rescue a lot, describing the process as prompt and communicative. “They treat their rescues well (vaccines, chips, spaying/neutering, etc.) and their foster caregivers are thoughtful and great to coordinate with.”

Miso and Joe

When asked about his love of pet ownership, he says, “We just find it really rewarding to watch them grow up and become kind, quirky, curious, and amazing cats. Knowing that, at least some of that, is because you were a good parent to them. And of course there is cuddling. You can’t forget the cuddling.”

–Kirsten Joy

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