Off the Streets

We’d like to share with you stories of recent rescues and work ACR volunteers are doing within our own colonies and with community members throughout Toronto so you are aware of the kinds of situations ACR has been dealing with.

Here are just some of the cats we’ve recently been able to take into the ACR family.

Gingerbread and Licorice


Gingerbread, Liquorice, Bings

Our Dixon colony is a difficult one to trap at – it’s very far for volunteers to go and is situated in a challenging location. Earlier in October one volunteer trapped these three kittens: Gingerbread, Liquorice, Bings. They’ve been to the vet a lot lately and even had to stay overnight. First Bings and Licorice had fevers and Gingerbread’s anus was so badly blocked, he needed to have it flushed – then they saw he was so full of worms they were visibly crawling out of his bottom (yuck!).

If you’d like to help the Dixon kittens with their vet expenses, please consider making a donation to ACR.



Sweety came from a colony in the Queensway & Humber Park area. It was thought he had an eye infection, but it turned out a tooth root abscess was affecting his eye. Just recently he had most of his teeth extracted and is currently recovering in a foster home. Unfortunately he has tested positive for feline leukemia.

If you’d like to help Sweety with his vet expenses, please consider making a donation to ACR.

Bobby outside and in


Kind homeowners first noticed Bobby and his sibling in early summer in their Bathurst & Sheppard backyard and started feeding them. Over several months, the kittens became more trusting of humans and with winter approaching, the homeowners wanted to get them indoors. Now 7 month-old Bobby was scooped last week; unfortunately his sibling has not been seen for about a week. Bobby was dewormed, defleaed, vaccinated and neutered and placed in an assessment home (mandatory for all cats over 12 weeks of age). He was diagnosed with hookworm so needs to be kept isolated for a few more weeks. Bobby is a sweet little fellow and will likely be up for adoption next month.

If you’d like to help Bobby with his vet expenses, please consider making a donation to ACR.



Five year-old Edwin hails from the streets of Cabbagetown and evaded capture for more than a year, likely because he had been trapped a few years before to be neutered and released. He was trapped again as he needed extensive dental work done and is currently in an assessment home.

If you’d like to help Edwin with his vet expenses, please consider making a donation to ACR.



15 week-old Shoebox was found dumped outside inside a box during a rain storm by a vet partner staff who contacted ACR for help. He had roundworms and was a bit anemic but recovered quickly in an ACR foster home. After vaccinations, neutering and a little confidence-building, he was adopted. With a face like that, no surprise there!

If you’d like to help us take in more kittens like Shoebox, please consider making a donation to ACR.

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