Happy Tail: Mikey

Now 16 months old, Mikey hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. “He was a bottle-fed baby so he is CRAZY,” says Kelly, Mikey’s forever owner. “He has a lot of energy and requires a lot of stimulation to be content.”

And if Mikey doesn’t get attention, he’ll knock things over and chew wires. Kelly had to “Mikey-proof” her apartment and buy insurance. “He has eaten too many feathers and strings to count.” But despite his indomitable energy, Mikey adjusted to living with Kelly instantly. In the summer, Kelly took Mikey for walks on a harness/leash. “Which he adores!” Mikey also likes to jump on to Kelly’s shoulders. “He’s the shoulder cat,” she laughs.

Kelly first became acquainted with Annex Cat Rescue 12 years ago after adopting a cat and working as a volunteer feral-cat feeder for a few years. Mikey became part of Kelly’s family when she co-fostered him with a work colleague. “I was emotionally in need and ready to foster a kitten so we tag-team fostered him but then I took him on as a full-time foster baby.” Mikey was rescued around three or four weeks with a large laceration on his abdomen. “ACR fixed him up and put him into foster care,” Kelly says.

baby Mikey

Mikey came at a very important time in Kelly’s life. “I was recently out of a long-term relationship and the last of my five cats had died.” For the first time in 11 years Kelly was without cats. “I have fostered and bottle fed a number of cats over the years but couldn’t keep them due to having a bunch of my own.” Now, Kelly could fully rescue, raise and adopt one. “I am obsessed with him!”

Fostering rescue cats is hugely rewarding for Kelly. She relishes the experience of helping rescue cats settle into their new lives and personalities in a safe and loving home. “Helping an animal feel comfortable with people is amazing.” She feels fostering is a great way to help animals “become the best they can be.”

Mikey and friend

Kelly would never buy a cat from a pet store. “With the amount of available cats all over the GTA, it would be incredibly irresponsible to buy a cat. I have always adopted them. Abandoned animals desperately want and require love and affection. Animals deserve it.”

–Gillian Semple

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