Happy Tails: Pearl and Molly

Ever since Pearl and Molly were born over a year ago, they’ve been inseparable. Part of a large litter, Pearl, Molly, and their brother Rambo were brought to ACR when they were eight weeks old. Their brother Rambo was a social and outgoing cat, and was adopted early on. However, finding a home for Pearl and Molly would be a bit of a bumpier road as they weren’t too fond of human interaction just yet. Their foster Susan mentioned that they would often recoil when she tried to reach out to them. Nevertheless, Susan was determined to help the cats become comfortable and unleash their playful side.

kitten Pearl

Lustrous black Molly and grey tabby Pearl would often relax the most at night and that’s when Susan was able to get their attention. Slowly (and with the help of treats) they began to gravitate closer and eventually would walk on her legs and allow chin rubs. Susan says, “They eventually became my little companions; Molly liked to play on my computer, Pearl would sleep on my lap.” They had opened up so much to her, but were still shy and nervous around strangers.

Molly loving the laptop

Fortunately, Tess came across the two lovely kittens through the Annex Cat Rescue website. She says she was interested in adopting a black cat because she noticed them in her neighbourhood and was drawn to their presence. She had also heard that they may have been less desirable for adoption and wanted to share her love with them.

The first day can be a little rough, as when Tess initially brought Pearl and Molly home, they hid and huddled underneath her bed. However, Tess welcomed the cats with open arms, and watched gradually as they eventually peered out and walked towards her. She spent the next few days bonding with them, where Tess felt proud and that her responsibilities had come into play. Patience and tenderness goes a long way, as Tess recalls, “They were playing, running, and demanding cuddles in no time.”

Molly cuddles

Pearl lounging about

Both girls now rule the household with their playfulness and quirky personalities. Tess says Pearl “walks around like Queen Elizabeth in her famous regal gown and white makeup,” and loves belly rubs, while Molly “loves to swing from tapestries like a chimpanzee looking for vines.” Tess is happy to regularly find gifts from her two mischievous cats! She’ll often wake up to a pile of toys around her head or receive hair ties that Pearl and Molly have coyly taken from her.

Molly and Pearl

Today, both cats can be found fetching items around the house. Being sisters and having the ability to grow and play together, Pearl and Molly are constantly snuggling, playing, and rough-housing with each other. All settled into their forever home, Tess says they’re the most loving cats she’s ever known, and can’t imagine her life without having Molly and Pearl at home.

— Justina Tran

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