Happy Tail: Bella & Pancakes

Bella and Pancakes (formerly Marfa), are a mother/daughter duo who have been together since the beginning.

Bella and her kittens

Bella and her newborn kittens were taken in by a wonderful ACR foster, Sydney, who was excited to watch everything the kittens learn from their mother. “They’re all so different; you never know what personalities they’ll have,” says Sydney.

While looking for a furry companion, Alex was introduced to Annex Cat Rescue by a friend. He was searching for cats on the website, and came across Bella and decided to go and meet her. While meeting Bella, Alex also met Pancakes and decided that he wanted to add them both to his family.

mom and daughter look a lot alike

Pancakes wasn’t quite ready to be adopted yet, but when she was, Alex brought them both home to be a part of his life. Bella and Pancakes “provide company and comfort” to Alex, who loves “coming home after work, and having them both waiting” for him. The two cats are always together; quiet and well behaved – which some might say is rare!

together yet apart

You can follow the life of Bella and Pancakes at their very own Instagram account – @life_of_bella_pancakes!

— Victoria Jeffries

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