Happy Tail: Dr. Frankenstein (formerly Buster)

If you want to hear exuberance personified, get Amanda on the horn and ask her about striking, big-eared, fabulously named Dr. Frankenstein, newest addition to the household and BFF to sleek Count Dracula.

young Frankenstein

“In December 2017, I had to put down my buddy Joey which felt like I lost a piece of me,” Amanda says. “My husband and I always had more than one cat; and we still had Count Dracula who was four at the time and quite playful.

“On one hand I felt like I needed time to grieve. But I also just wanted to have a look at who was out there. That’s when I found Frankenstein, named Buster at the time, on the ACR website. I knew I had to have him. There was just something about him… I needed him to be a part of my family. And the fact that he was described as energetic made me think he’d be a good fit. These days, Drac is even more energetic because he has Frankenstein to play with.”

Dracula happy to have a new companion to curl up to

Highly rambunctious when he first arrived, Amanda says Frankenstein has since mellowed to be “just the right amount of crazy. When we are in bed at night, he will nudge us to get under the covers so he can curl up with us! He is literally everything we ever wanted.”

As for his unusual name, Amanda explains that her three-year-old son London is obsessed with Halloween and it was him who blurted out Frankenstein. “And having a Count Dracula made it an even easier decision.”

London with his buddy Frankenstein

As Amanda describes it, Buster — around 10 months old at the time of his adoption and already quite large — had gone through several ACR foster homes after being rescued from a colony in Chinatown. But when Amanda finally got the cat home, it was an instant success. “I can’t even tell you how in love I was the minute I met him,” she says, noting that the Dr. Frankenstein recently celebrated his one-year anniversary with the family.

curling up together

As for son London, Amanda says the boy is already a confirmed animal lover and incredibly gentle with the cats, so much so that when he is being encouraged to be extra tender, Mom prompts him by saying, “Be gentle… just like with the kitties!”

–Kim Hughes

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