Happy Tail: Felix (formerly Jayson)

Felix’s Happy Tail starts in between two fences. He was rescued on a cold November evening by a landscaper named Jayson and bore that name for the first few weeks he was in the care of the Annex Cat Rescue. Jayson (the human) was installing fences at a property in North York when he found the small kitten and contacted the Annex Cat Rescue for help.

Jayson in foster care

“I definitely remember the way he arrived,” says foster Susan. “He was stuck in the front of someone’s coat because it was so cold that night.” One of ACR’s most experienced fosters, Susan has sheltered, fed and cared for upward of 50 kittens.

When Jayson arrived, Susan weighed him and realized he was only about five weeks old. “Luckily I have some experience bottle-feeding kittens so I got started right away,” she says. Susan’s older cats also stepped in to teach the kitten. Rescued a year prior, Gregger is a particularly wonderful foster big brother. He’s easygoing and the kittens get along with him famously. “It’s really cute to see,” she laughs. Jayson was with Susan long enough to “learn how to play nicely, grow big and strong, get all his shots, be neutered — very important — and then go to his forever home.”

Jayson with foster brother

On fostering, Susan says it boils down to saving a life. Many kittens born outside in the cold weather don’t make it unless they’re found, and fostering gives them a chance to become healthy, comfortable around humans, and find a new family. “I’ve kept a few too many, maybe,” she laughs, “but if I don’t give them up I can’t rescue more, that’s the bottom line.”

Meanwhile, Pam’s daughter Anneka had been thinking about adopting a kitten for some time. Wanting to take in a kitten who needed a home, they were drawn to the Annex Cat Rescue website where they first saw Jayson. The connection was immediate. “We knew right away that we wanted him,” says Pam. He was skittish when they first met, but they felt he would fit in well with their family. “Our house is quiet and Anneka is a little bit shy too so we thought that the two of them might make a good pair,” she explains.


A little bit of patience and kindness allowed the newly named Felix to settle into his new home and before they knew it he was a part of the family. “He’s a wonderful asset to our home, he curls up with us while we’re watching TV and he’ll be with us wherever we are in the house,” says Pam.

Felix loves to be in the kitchen. “He’s a real food monster,” jokes Pam. As soon as a cupboard opens, he’s there stretching his long arms almost all the way to the counter. “We discovered early on that he really loves cheese, which we know we can’t give him much of, but as soon as cheese is open he’s there. Without a doubt,” she laughs.

They recently celebrated one year with their bright, energetic cat. Felix has brought joy and laughter to their household, so much so that they often wonder what life was like before Felix. “We had been wanting a cat for a while and now that he’s here, he’s part of the family,” says Anneka. “It was absolutely the right decision.”

Felix and Anneka

Pam chimes in, “It makes us wonder how did we ever not have him with us? As parents we often think ‘What was life like before my children?’ and now we think ‘What was life like before Felix?’”

Pam and Anneka are strong proponents of providing a home for a cat in need. “I’d say just go for it. Whatever your qualms or worries, for the company that they bring and the joy that they provide and the fun that they are to have around, it’s absolutely worth adopting a cat.”

–Jessica Pellerin

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