Happy Tail: Michael Burnham (formerly Snorlax)

When she was around 12 years old, this lovely black cat was surrendered to a veterinarian. Her second life began when she ate a small piece of plastic. Within a month, she’d lost half her weight and ended up at the vet in desperate need of surgery.

Snorlax after surgery

After her surgery was over and she had time to heal, she was given to Heather to foster until she found a permanent home.

Heather says, “From the moment I brought her into our condo and opened the cat carrier she has been perfectly comfortable and made herself at home.

“Most new foster cats make a beeline for under the couch, but not this one. She strolled around, checked things out, looked out the window, and then sat down to sun herself.

“Of all the cats we’ve fostered, she’s one of the most friendly. In the evenings she sits with us on the couch and nudges us until we pet her. She’s also been known to climb into bed with us and sleep on the pillow, just above our heads,” Heather wrote on the blog she keeps about her fostering adventures.

Micheal Burnham settled in very quickly

Her foster mom has a Star Trek theme for all of her foster cats. This kitty was named Michael Burnham after a character in the new Star Trek: Discovery series, who is played by the first black actress to lead a Star Trek television series. Much like the character Michael Burnham, this cat is a bold little survivor and quite smart.

Sarah had a fiancé who works long hours and she wanted company at home. Browsing ACR’s list of cats for adoption, she saw Michael Burnham, an older cat who already had her shots and was spayed.

Her fiancé Robin works on the Star Trek Discovery show in Toronto, the same one that Michael Burnham was named after the lead character in. Seems like this match was meant to be!

cutie pie

Michael has lived with Sarah and Robin for a year now. “She’s very independent most of the time, but also very affectionate.” Sarah says that Michael “sleeps in the bed next to me and asks for belly rubs in the morning while I’m brushing my teeth.”

She likes to play by herself with her stuffed toys or chase after a toy on a string if she’s in an extra playful mood.

Micheal Burnham happy with her new family

Michael is Sarah’s first cat and she says that “Annex was wonderful. The screening process was fair and they did due diligence about the well-being of their cats. The fosters were also great, especially in the first few weeks providing extra support when needed.”

Congratulations on finding a furever home, Michael! As they say on Star Trek, we hope you “Live long and prosper.”

–Kate Kalcevich

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