Happy Tail: Poe (formerly Bentley)

Poe was a young kitten of five months when he was adopted by Catherine and her partner Adam. According to ACR, Poe (formerly Bentley) was originally rescued from a managed colony in a parking lot by Dupont and Symington.

Poe in foster care

Catherine and Adam had come across ACR when they first moved to Toronto. They had noticed that various different cats were up for adoption close within their neighbourhood. Catherine already had a female cat, and was looking to add a male cat to the household. She happily discovered Poe via his adoption profile, which mentioned that he was a sweet and cuddly cat.

Poe is very loving

When Catherine initially brought Poe home, her other cat Franny was not exactly pleased. Catherine mentions that Poe was a docile cat who “was ready to be Franny’s friend from the start.” In order to create a smoother transition, she set Poe up in his own personal space filled with a variety of food, toys, and litter. This helped Poe feel relaxed and at ease in his new environment! After about a week had passed, Catherine’s cat Franny had started to accept Poe into the household, and gradually they began to play with each other. Catherine says, “it really didn’t take Poe long to get acclimated to our home.”

Poe happily settled in

Quite the playful cat, Poe’s growing list of pastimes include bird toys and being petted. In fact, when you start petting Poe, “a giant purr erupts and he starts rubbing himself on the floor and all over you,” says Catherine. He also gives love bites and chirps as you pet him, which is a special quirk that Catherine first noticed when she went to adopt him. With many unique personality traits, Poe also has a fascination with his shadows! He keeps entertained by trying to playfully attack them on the wall, or jumps up to hit them, while proceeding to run away and hide.

Poe is very playful

A year later, Poe is now a full-grown cat and is established in his forever home. Though he is a shy cat that often tucks away when guests come over, Catherine describes him as “the biggest love-bug.” Often following her around the house and always ready to play, Catherine really senses their strong bond together. Poe’s easygoing nature is often showcased as he is content just relaxing on the cat tree. Catherine is happy to provide tremendous amounts of attention for Poe, and he and Franny are good buddies.

— Justina Tran

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