Happy Tail: Pipsqueak

Pipsqueak is a very inquisitive boy who is almost two years old. He was living with a colony of outdoor cats in someone’s backyard until one fateful day when he wandered right into the home of an Annex Cat Rescue foster. It was possibly the easiest rescue ever!

He was eight months old at the time and both of his eyes were infected. Lucky for him, he got the medical care he needed and found a forever home, too.

He now lives with two human parents and two senior cats. The older cats don’t exactly adore the new youngster — they prefer to nap all day. They keep Pipsqueak in line with a strong growl if he gets too rambunctious. Sometimes, if he’s lucky, he can share some nap time with one of them.

Pipsqueak and buddy

His owner Vanessa says “He plays by himself. He gets the zoomies. We have a large carpet and he’ll run from one end of the carpet to the other and back and forth.”

He also has a toy that dangles off a wand, but he doesn’t want his adoptive parents to touch the toy. “He prefers to carry it around by himself,” says Vanessa. “His favourite toy is a piece of fur. He has a strong prey drive and loves anything with fur or feathers.”

Pipsqueak is the name he came with, from ACR. While his adoptive parents didn’t change his name, they don’t really use it. “He doesn’t recognize any name, but he has many nicknames.”

He’s not a talkative cat. He makes a weird squeak that sounds like “oh yeah” and he only does it when he’s not close to his humans. I guess he wants them to know where he is.

“When we first got him, he liked to sleep anywhere up high — on top of doors and in the space above the closet where old Halloween costumes are stored. He launches himself up there and it’s really cozy.” He’s also known to stand on top of doors.

Pipsqueak on the door

Vanessa continues: “We have a hutch next to the front door that he sits on and waits for people to come in and then hops onto their shoulders. He’ll also jump on your shoulders if you’re on the toilet, but he usually only does this to men.” He loves men and ignored Vanessa for first six months. “He wouldn’t give me the time of day,” she recalls.

Pipsqueak loves his dad

“He knows when it’s breakfast time. He puts his face into yours until you feed him. My husband does the cat care chores and when he takes out the wet food, Pip starts dancing around.” Vanessa says his favourite treats are Greenies and canned tuna.

Vanessa describes bedtime as Pipsqueak’s time to shine. “He has to be laying really close to you, nearly on top of you and tucks himself into a ball. When he falls asleep he stretches out into the most ridiculous positions.”


Despite his early preference for men, Vanessa clearly adores him. “He’s a really funny guy. He has such a crazy little personality and he’s just a joy.” Pipsqueak’s owners even had a portrait made of their newest family member. It sounds like Pip hit the jackpot when his hunger led him straight to the Annex Cat Rescue.

-Kate Kalcevich

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