Happy Tail: Rusty

When Rusty was rescued by ACR, he was a 12-week-old kitten living off bread and leftover pasta. Lesley from ACR had been notified regarding a litter of kittens in the west end. When she arrived, Rusty was the only kitten remaining. As soon as Lesley set up the kitten trap, the delectable scent of tuna captured Rusty’s attention and he ran straight in!

Lesley fostered Rusty for a little bit while he was waiting for a home. During her time with Rusty, Lesley described him as a “shy, feral kitten, but cheerful and feisty.” Soon enough, Rusty had fit right in with Lesley’s own cats.
Rusty in foster care

Simon was introduced to ACR via Lesley, who suggested that Rusty would be a good fit for his home. Simon already had a two-year-old cat named Charlie and a cat-friendly dog named Jackson. However, Simon had contemplated adding a new member to the family. Simon and his partner decided to give Rusty a visit, and instantly they both fell in love with him.

When Rusty first arrived home, his new brothers Charlie and Jackson were eager to meet him. But Simon wanted to ensure he had a comfortable transition into a new environment. Simon recalls his first time cradling Rusty, saying that “he was so scared, and needed time to get used to us.”

Rusty and Simon

He set Rusty up in his bathroom with separate litter, food, and water. Just 24 hours later, Rusty became curious. He began to play with Charlie under the bathroom door where they’d both reach their paws to say hello. After 48 hours had passed, Rusty was ready to explore his surroundings and scope out the entire apartment.

Though Rusty was beginning to open up, he did so at his own pace. When Jackson and Charlie would come over to give a little sniff and welcome him, Rusty would gently hiss to indicate that he wasn’t quite there yet. After a week in his new home, Rusty had become a confident cat. He began to play with Charlie and resisted running away from Jackson.

Rusty and Charlie

Simon says Rusty is super-affectionate every time he and his partner get home from work. After spending time with Simon’s dog, it appears Rusty has picked up some new habits.  Simon says, “He likes to roll onto his back like my dog Jackson, and demands belly rubs.” Rusty also patiently sits down for his treats on command and even chases after his treats when Simon tosses them.

Rusty and Jackson

Rusty is now established in his forever home. Simon mentions that both Jackson and Charlie adore their new brother. Quite the playful bunch, Charlie licks and grooms him, while Rusty and Jackson can often be found peacefully sleeping next to each other.

–Justina Tran

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