Happy Tail: Miss Mouse

When Safa moved to Toronto she had kitten fever but a good friend recommended she explore other options before adopting one. “Kittens are a lot of work and a lot of responsibility,” her friend said. “How about an adult cat?” As Safa warmed up to the idea, the opportunity arose to take in two senior cats, Athena and Coco, who needed homes after an acquaintance moved to the United States.

At 17, Athena’s health was deteriorating and Safa cared for her and made her comfortable during her illness. When Athena passed away, Safa was devastated. “After that, I felt like I wanted to help,” she says. Annex Cat Rescue popped up in her searches and had good reviews, so she applied. “That’s how I got started fostering and I’m now in my second year. It’s been a great experience,” she says. In fact, fostering is what brought Safa and Miss Mouse — a tiny, long-haired cat about one year old — together.

After Miss Mouse was found outside and spayed by Annex Cat Rescue, she needed a quiet place where she could adjust to domestic life. Safa and her partner welcomed the small cat with open arms. “We kept her in a carrier for a couple of days with the doors open. Once she started getting used to the place we packed away the crate and let her find her own space. The rest is history,” she laughs.

Miss Mouse was shy, but playful, and a little bit quirky. “She was my fourth foster. She’s not your typical graceful cat, she’s a bit clumsy. There’s just something about her, she’s got this adorable nature and this quirkiness that I haven’t seen in any other cat,” she explains. “My partner and I fell in love and couldn’t part with her. We said, ‘This one’s ours!’”

Inside a cozy basket.

As a newcomer to the household, Miss Mouse had to get along with resident cat Coco, a 13-year-old senior. After an adjustment period, the cats have become friends, cuddling and playing together. “Miss Mouse is a wonderful companion for Coco, she keeps her on her toes,” she says, laughing.

“It’s hard for me to imagine my life without them. It’s going to sound very cliché but, you will fall in love with them,” she laughs. “Fostering if a wonderful thing. It’s a wonderful way to help cats off the street and give them a better chance. Cats, like human beings, come with different temperaments. Some like to be picked up or played with, and some want to be ignored. Give it a try, be patient and have heart,” she said.

-Jessica Pellerin

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