Happy Tail: Trixie and Lola (formerly Libby and Natalie)

A cat’s journey with Annex Cat Rescue can travel through many different phases.

Trixie and Lola (originally Libby and Natalie) along with their siblings Stewart and Nina, were originally trapped by an ACR volunteer in a colony in the St Clair and Runnymede area.

kittens in foster care

All four kittens were brought to an experienced foster parent named Joanne, who was able to see that Trixie and Lola were sweet, social cats. They were affectionate and loved to be cuddled. Lola quickly became a lap cat, and would even let Joanne “pet her belly,” while Trixie was “a spitfire” and would race around the kitchen “jumping in and around the large cat tree.”

Trixie and Lola

While Trixie and Lola were with Joanne, Lanna and her family were searching for a bonded pair of cats to join their clan. They had recently lost their family cat but knew that they were a cat family and were missing a piece of their puzzle.

After a search on the ACR website, Lanna and her family saw a picture of “the most beautiful kittens in the world,” and set up a visit. When Lanna first met Trixie and Lola, they were true to their reputation! They asked to be pet and snuggled right away and Lanna knew that these were the ones.

Trixie and Lola are best friends

Trixie and Lola settled into their new home nicely and got to know the new members of their family. They settled back in to their space as lap cats, asking their new family for as many belly rubs as possible. And Trixie is still a spitfire, biting as many laptop cords, and phone screens as she can!

Trixie and Lola playing

Thanks to ACR’s many volunteers, Trixie and Lola’s journey brought them to their forever home.

–Victoria Jeffries

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