Happy Tail: Bill and Teddy (formerly Axl and Star)

After dating for three years and getting engaged, Mark and his fiancée Barbra (who goes by Bar) decided the time was right for them to adopt cats. “I feel bad for pets where their owners aren’t ready to make the commitment and we both felt we were responsible enough at that time,” says Mark.

Bill and Teddy

Annex Cat Rescue foster Rebecca had many kittens the year she took in Axl and Star — a brother and sister pair of grey tabbies. They were adopted once and returned and they were both very skittish even after their first adoption. Her daughter remembers that they both loved the cat dancer toy, even though they were very shy.

Mark and Bar visited the kittens in their foster home a number of times. Rebecca was in their neighbourhood and both the cats hid during the first visit. The second time, Rebecca put the cats into the bathroom. Mark remembers “as soon as we saw them they were so scared, but so cute.” They were about a year old at the time. Even to this day, he says, “they love us, but if a new person walks in the door, it takes a while.”

They renamed them after another pair of Annex cats called Bill and Ted — a pair of brothers they had initially hoped to adopt before they ended up with the cats previously known as Axl and Star.

Bill and Teddy

“Bill runs laps around the house for no reason. He loves toys, especially his stuffed mouse.

Every night he jumps on the bed and drops the mouse. He loves attention. He’ll run away and then comes back for more.”

“Teddy is more chill and docile — more of a lap cat. Bill will sit near you, but Teddy will actually lie on top of you. Teddy loves chicken. If we buy a rotisserie chicken, she’ll sit on the kitchen island and stare and meow until she gets some. If we left the chicken out, I’m positive she would eat the entire thing.”

Unexpectedly, last winter, Teddy got sick. She was getting a bit thin and the vet noticed her gums and ears were very pale. Her red blood cell count was very low. Mark recalls “We had her for six months and she was the most sick of any cat we’ve both ever had.”


It turns out that her immune system was attacking her red blood cells — something very rare in cats. The vet had to adapt a treatment regimen meant for dogs to suit Teddy. She had a total of three blood transfusions and six months later, she’s now fully recovered.

“We just love them. Every time we come home they’re waiting at the door for us and when we leave they’re at the window watching us go.”

“Their birthday is on our wedding day” says Mark. Sounds like a perfect match was made!

–Kate Kalcevich

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