Happy Tail: Gandalf

Ruth and her neighbours had been seeing a stray cat — who would be named Julia — around their neighbourhood for quite some time. She was living under Ruth’s garage, and she seemed to be well fed and healthy, so what came next was a surprise. Then again, in the middle of kitten season, perhaps they shouldn’t have been a surprised at all.

One day, Julia appeared from beneath the garage looking skinny and hungry, and Ruth and her neighbours realized she must have been pregnant – there were probably kittens beneath her garage! Ruth tried to get pictures of the kittens and was unable, but soon after on her birthday, Julia and her kittens “emerged one by one, stumbling on to the grass” — a birthday present for the ages.

Julia and kittens

There were five kittens: Pokey, Boots, Mike, Dragana and Gandalf. With the help of Annex Cat Rescue volunteer Gary, Julia and all five of her kittens were trapped and taken to a lovely foster home to help them grow into young cats. When it was time to find everyone a home, Ruth and her family knew that they had to bring one home.

The small grey cat with a white beard and feet named Gandalf was the perfect fit. He was feisty enough to keep up with their cat Maybell, which allowed their older cat Entropy to relax alone. It was the perfect fit.

Gandalf and Maybell

Gandalf is a real “cat’s cat.” He loves to play and hunt, and “takes charge at any opportunity.” He also gets the opportunity to visit his mom on a regular basis, who is now very happy and round!


If you have any questions during this kitten season, don’t hesitate to reach out to Annex Cat Rescue if you need any help, or if you want to give a home to a kitten who needs it!

-Victoria Jefferies

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