Happy Tail: The Fuzzies

After losing her cat a few years ago, Roxana decided she was ready to invite some furry friends back into her life. Not quite ready to adopt, she jumped on the opportunity to foster a pair of bonded cats, Mr. Fuzz and Fuzzy. Known collectively as “the Fuzzies,” they were living in a colony on Richmond St. in downtown Toronto. According to Roxana, ACR had fed and tended to the cats over the years. Unfortunately, after facing several rough winter seasons, she says, “They lost their teeth, they caught fleas, and were living a harsh existence on the street.”

Their living space had become a construction zone and conditions seemed to worsen.  ACR had then rescued them, and along with fundraisers, the cats were able to be cared for by vets and have surgery to save their lives.

Happy Tail The Fuzzies

Roxana was excited to have cats roam around her house again, and had chosen ACR because fosters have a role in determining who adopts the cats. Roxana recalls how terrified the Fuzzies were when they first arrived at her house. “They took refuge in the kitchen cabinets, only coming out when we were not around.”

Roxana knew she wanted to socialize the Fuzzies and get them comfortable before they were put up for adoption, but the progress was minimal. When two months had passed, Roxana became a little worried. She remained hopeful, as every day she would work towards socializing the cats.

Early attempts to have the Fuzzies adopted did not quite work out. Roxana says that the cats were very shy and frightened, and potential adopters were concerned that the cats would ever come around.

Happy Tail The Fuzzies

For the next six months, Roxana relied on a formula she had hoped would work on socializing the cats. She called it the “Fuzzy Formula” which included a dose of love, encouragement, daily exercises, and patience.

As the months flew by, the formula seemed to work. Roxana says, “The first day Mr. Fuzz let me pick him up was unforgettable, and the first time Fuzzy came upstairs and jumped on the bed and sat quietly beside me, I couldn’t believe my eyes.” Not only had the Fuzzies come around, but Roxana also felt a strong sense of connection and joy. Having made so much progress with the Fuzzies, Roxana and her husband Martin decided it was best to adopt them.

The cats continued to get comfortable in their new home. Slowly coming out of their shell, they began to enjoy food directly from Roxana’s hands. There was even friendly competition between the Fuzzies over who would get their hair brushed.

Happy Tail The Fuzzies

Today, the Fuzzies can be found snuggled comfortably on the bed. Mr. Fuzz is a very playful cat who has an affinity for shoes. “He is very affectionate and follows me around everywhere I go,” Roxana says. His brother Fuzzy is also an affectionate fellow, and especially adores his younger brother. He’s also very animated, getting excited over laser beams and his beloved feather toy! Roxana says the Fuzzies are the best of friends, and are usually found playing, eating, and walking together.

-Justina Tran

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