Happy Tail: BB

BB’s story begins with another cat — Mcduff — a ginger boy that Janaka and his partner Whitney got from an adoptathon when he was just six weeks old. Janaka wasn’t a “cat person” until he met Mcduff. They bonded so quickly and deeply that he definitely considers himself a cat person now.

Because of the deep bond between Janaka and Mcduff, whenever he left for a weekend, Mcduff would get very stressed out.
At one point, they had a subletter who had a cat. At first Mcduff and the other cat didn’t get along but eventually they became friends.

Knowing that he would need to leave Mcduff for six weeks for a work-related trip and remembering how Mcduff became friends with their subletter’s cat, Janaka and Whitney started thinking about getting a second cat.

shy foster cat BB

“I researched cats for a long time. BB was a good fit with what we wanted, so I called Annex Cat Rescue and they got in touch with her foster, Jennifer,” says Janaka.


“BB hid under the bed so you couldn’t really see her, but Jennifer convinced us to take a chance.” She showed them a video of how BB behaved when she wasn’t afraid and that sealed the deal.

BB and Janaka

Janaka remembers that “the first few weeks were tough. BB was awake all night crying. We wanted her to have a good quality of life so we were really worried.” Slowly she got more and more comfortable with her new family.

“It’s been a year now and they get along really well. She brought out a softer side in Mcduff. They play together and wash each other, but they aren’t snugglers.”

BB and Mcduff

As far as playing goes, Janaka says “They both love the Da Bird toy and they play with it together. They tag team it. They also tussle and chase each other.”

“We love having BB. She’s quite the sassy girl and part of the family.”

–Kate Kalcevich

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