Happy Tail: Old Man (formerly Chewy)

What began as one family’s hunt for another ginger cat ended when they saw a picture of a litter of kittens with polydactyl paws. Three grey and white brothers were in foster care after they had been found in a car junk yard without their mother in sight. As soon as Y.J. and family saw the pictures of Old Man (previously Chewy) they knew they had to meet him.

Happy Tail: Old Man

Old Man was an independent cat from the very beginning. His two brothers were quite bonded, but Old Man enjoyed spending time on his own, and was happy to play alone. Y.J. knew that Old Man would fit in at home with her other two cats. He was going to be the perfect “third wheel!”

Happy Tail: Old Man

Old Man is not actually an old man — he is now only just over a year old — but his family believes he is an old soul who has been “roaming this earth for centuries.” However, even though he is old at heart, he still loves to play and act like a kitten. His favourite toys are “soft crinkly balls” and a plush fish that hangs from the end of a string. He “loves to play fetch” and has been known to leave some of his toys in his water bowl when he’s done with them.

Happy Tail: Old Man

Old Man brings joy and happiness to his family every day!

-Victoria Jeffries

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