Happy Tail: Yuki and Kiki (formerly Kiyumi)

When Anna first met sisters Yuki and Kiki (formerly Kiyumi), she was quite captivated. Recently having an empty nest and upon moving into a new condo, she was looking to add kittens to her household. Having previously adopted a cat from Annex Cat Rescue, she knew it was the right place to look.

Happy Tail: Yuki and Kiki

Anna recalls the moment she first visited the two furry kittens, mentioning that they “were somewhat timid, but we were able to pet them and they seemed interested in people.” After learning that the kittens had spent the first few months of their lives living on the street, Anna knew that she wanted to care for them and provide a warm and loving environment.

During Kiki and Yuki’s first week at the home, they first became aware of the sounds and scent of their new environment. While they were slowly acclimatizing, they spent their time in the bathroom where Anna would pop in and get to know them better. After a few days, Kiki and Yuki decided it was time to venture out into the rest of the home. At that point, the two kittens were pleased with lounging around, however they were not yet comfortable being petted.

As the months passed, the two kittens would become more relaxed around the house. Kiki especially, as she would often meow to signal when she wanted affection. Anna later noticed that Kiki even started to become more demanding of affection. Her sister Yuki on the other hand, needed a bit more time. Anna mentions, “It took us almost six months before we could pet her, and only after she had been fed.”

Happy Tail: Yuki and Kiki

It was a work in progress, but Anna was determined. She would take the time to just sit with the girls when they were being fed, and after a few weeks would then be allowed by Yuki to lightly pet her forehead. Her persistence and patience has yielded positive results, as Anna says, “Today, Kiki sits to be petted and will even lean in when she wants a pet.”

Both kittens are now very independent and encompass many charming habits. “Kiki loves to hide toys in our shoes, enjoys sitting like a meerkat, and when petted will do somersaults,” says Anna. Kiki especially likes hiding toy mice in various crevices around the home, particularly the couch.

Her sister Yuki also enjoys playing, however she is still a little shy. She is most comfortable being petted after she has had her meal, but Anna is optimistic that she will gradually open up further in the near future. However Anna has had quite a bit of luck playing with Yuki as she says that Yuki “loves to play fetch and will run after her little nerf ball and roll it back.” 

Happy Tail: Yuki and Kiki

Though they’re currently both still timid around strangers, they love playing and have established quite a bond with Anna.Today, the two kittens are one-and-a-half years old, and have grown into their fun personalities. Anna mentions that she’s glad to have the opportunity to provide a quiet home for the girls, where they can trust humans again and share their joy.

Justina Tran

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