Happy Tails: Darcy (formerly Vlady)

To some, black cats are a harbinger of bad luck. To Fatima, they’re the perfect pets.

Fatima already had one black cat, the shy and sweet Lola, and wanted a companion for her. Ideally, the new cat would be calm, mature, and easy to get along with, but most importantly, black.

“But for me, it was also important that I adopt another black cat because black cats have a much lower adoption rate in comparison to cats of other coats,” Fatima says. “At least in the States, where I’m from. That hurts my heart, and aesthetically, I just really love them anyway.”

Enter Darcy.

Happy Tail: Darcy

While scrolling through PetFinder, Fatima came across a black kitten. While she was initially looking for an adult cat, she says after reading the posting, “I thought ‘Go for it! Right! Now!’”

Darcy, formerly Vlady, was living at the Yonge-Davenport Pet Hospital with his foster parent, Ming-Ming. He had been part of a colony and was trapped and brought in at three weeks old with two of his siblings.

Happy Tail: Darcy

“They were sweet little kittens and were very easy to handle. As their senses developed, they became a very adventurous and rambunctious crew,” Ming-Ming says. “Vlady was always a bit of the quiet guy and the loner, but he was always super playful and loved hanging with his siblings.”

When Fatima came to the clinic to meet Darcy, she knew he was the right cat for her. “It’s so cliché but honestly, with Darcy, it was absolute love at first sight… He was the only black kitten in a litter of tabbies, and he was so, so small, he weighed almost nothing in the palm of my hand. But he was so curious and talkative, right from the beginning! Wobbling and toddling on the examination table and meowing the tiniest, sweetest baby kitten meows.”

Happy Tail: Darcy

For Ming-Ming, it was just as obvious. “The way she talked about her own cat at home I could tell she was really passionate about cats and after that, it was a done deal.”

The only one who may have had qualms about the arrangement was Lola. The first few days after bringing Darcy home, Fatima kept the cats separated and gave Lola lots of pets and treats as she slowly warmed up to the new kitten. “After a week of Darcy running after her to play and Lola hissing and hiding in response, they just bonded somehow.”

Happy Tail: Darcy

Now, the two black cats get along great and Fatima feels like they’ve all been together since day one. Darcy has grown from a tiny kitten that fits into the palm of her hand into a respectable 14.5 pounds, but to Fatima, he’s “very much still the sweet, needy baby boy cat I brought home.”

-Jenn Reid

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