Happy Tail: Crosby (formerly Rogue)

Though Sophie and her children already had two cats of their own, they made the decision last year to begin fostering kittens. “We decided to foster because we love cats,” she says, “and decided that it would be great to help kittens socialize and find their forever home.” Their first set of foster kittens was a trio which they named Rogue, Kia, and Jag.               

Rogue, in particular, was “very comfortable from the time he was in our home, playing and cuddling with us. He loved sleeping on our bed,” Sophie recalls.

Happy Tail: Crosby

Meanwhile, Hannah, her husband Ian, and their two young sons, James and Andrew, were no strangers to being a cat family. Having just recently lost their first cat Leo (who was also a rescue), they understood and missed the joys of having a cat in their lives.

At first, the thought of adopting another cat after losing Leo was difficult. However, Hannah explains that their reluctance was “holding them back from grieving and healing.” After some time, she felt “there was an empty space in the house” that needed to be filled again. They finally decided it was time to welcome another lucky cat into their home and hearts.

They turned to the Annex Cat Rescue to see if it would point them towards their new furry family member. Hannah regularly went onto the ACR’s website and looked through the Adoptable Cats page with the help of her two boys, who “were very involved with the decision.”

Happy Tail: Crosby

As soon as they saw Rogue’s picture, James remarked that he loved how he was spotted and striped and that he “looked like a little tiger.” The family agreed and it was decided that they needed to meet him!

They were directed by ACR to Sophie and her set of foster kittens. “The interactions with ACR were so lovely,” recalls Hannah. “They knew our situation about finding a cat that would work for our kids and help us move forward.” As it turns out, they were right — Rogue, having spent time with his foster family, was already socialized and used to being picked up and cuddled.

Hannah’s younger son Andrew suggested the name Crosby and from there, it was settled. Once Crosby was welcomed into his forever home, there was “no transition time needed.” Right from the time they opened up the crate and let Crosby out “he was one of the boys,” Hannah insists.

Today, Crosby is always in the mix and has secured his place as the fifth member of their family. With a huge personality, he is always curious and always trying new things, including attempting to open door handles and hiding things on himself. “He keeps us laughing,” Hannah says.

Happy Tail: Crosby

“When he sees you, he loves to stretch himself out really, really long and flop over and give his belly over for a pet,” she adds. He is “just this funny little guy who is always around, wanting to get a scratch.” She says she feels like Crosby is her “third little boy.”

Hannah, who works from home, appreciates having a “co-worker” during the day, but loves how he’s formed a special bond with the boys. Whenever they’re playing together, you’ll usually find him wanting to join in. In the morning, he paws at the boys’ bedroom doors to wake them up and when they arrive home from school, he excitedly greets them at the front door.

In return, the boys return the affection by doing “little nose kisses with him.” Hannah refers to Crosby as “the third corner of the triangle.”

Happy Tail: Crosby

Hannah and her family are grateful for the care that went into fostering Crosby before he was welcomed into his forever home, insisting that it was instrumental in helping him become the lovable family member that he is today.

“I can’t imagine not getting a cat through a rescue organization,” she says when asked about her decision to adopt a cat through ACR. “There are so many wonderful pets out there who need homes and I really believe they give so much to a family when they join it.”

-Coral Cripps

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