Happy Tail: Piccola

Life for Piccola began outdoors in Toronto. Along with her siblings, she was born underneath a deck at a local home in the city. At the time, the homeowner had tended to the kittens and cared for them, until they had been rescued by ACR. Brought into foster care, they were tended by Deborah.

Piccola was quite the curious and watchful cat. Deborah recalls, “She was always watching and observing what was happening around her before she acted. We considered her quite smart because of that trait.”

Happy Tail: Piccola

Meanwhile, Celeste had spent half a year debating on whether she would adopt a cat. After having returned home from university, and with her previous cat passing away, she had felt it was time for a new friend. Celeste started by following ACR on Instagram, and briefly checked on their website. Then one day, she came across a special cat.

Celeste fondly recalls that moment saying, “She was a tuxedo cat, like my previous cat, and they both had the same white face and black nose.” To this day, Celeste still has the original screenshot image from when she first saw Piccola’s posting on ACR!

Happy Tail: Piccola

Upon visiting the cat at Deborah’s home, Celeste notes that Piccola was initially very shy, which is still the case today when she comes across new people. Unfortunately, Piccola’s spay incision had become infected, which had delayed the adoption process. However Celeste came to visit Piccola during her recovery period.

When Piccola was finally ready to come home with Celeste, she did take a little while to adjust and had initially spent time in Celeste’s bedroom along with her food and litter. Celeste mentions that her other cat Link is an alpha male, and is rather skeptical of new cats. As time passed, Celeste would let Piccola outside for short periods of time, helping her acclimatize to her new environment. The two cats eventually were introduced, and over time became close buddies!

Happy Tail: Piccola

Today, Piccola is doing quite well, and established with her new family. Though Piccola does take a bit longer to warm up to new guests, she reveals herself as a loving and goofy cat. With her own personal alarm clock, Celeste mentions, “She wakes me in up in the morning by kneading my hair.”

Also a giant goofball, Piccola has even learned how to fetch, and appreciates playing with balls that crinkle. Piccola is quite the active cat, and as Celeste says, “she enjoys playing around, as my dad says ‘flirting’ with us to have us play with her.”

-Justina Tran

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