Happy Tail: Jazz

Upon moving to Toronto, Jennie and her partner decided it was time to get their first cat.  They preferred an older cat — and definitely a rescue — which lead them to Annex Cat Rescue and five-year-old Jazz.  “He just looked so floofy and he sounded really friendly.  So we thought, ‘This is perfect. We want to meet this cat.’”

Happy Tail: Jazz

Confident cat

Jazz’s foster mom, Catherine, says her fosters usually stay in the bathroom for a few days while they get accustomed to their new environment — but not Jazz!  “By the second day, he was like ‘Forget this!’and went out exploring.”

When Jennie arrived at Catherine’s to meet Jazz, he didn’t shy away or leave the room.  “He was just right there.  Like he knew he was supposed to be the centre of attention,” says Jennie. 

Happy Tail: Jazz

He’s only become more confident since.  Although initially quiet, Jennie now describes Jazz (whose name she kept) as curious and outgoing, always out and about and wanting to know what’s going on. 

Curiosity got the cat stuck behind the washing machine

Jazz has become a bit of a traveller as well.  Jennie and her partner brought him to Ottawa to meet the in-laws and Jazz wanted to go everywhere.  He loved all the windows and exploring the new surroundings. 

Happy Tail: Jazz

While at the house, Jazz’s explorations led him to some tight situations. “He got stuck behind the washing machine.  He has no fear.”

Soft Jazz

As his name would indicate, Jazz is a pretty chill and cool cat, but he has also become a big softie.  During his time with his foster, Catherine, he started to hop on the bed and purr next to her ear.  With his new mom, Jennie, he knows when bedtime is and he’ll bother her until they go to bed.  He also likes to lounge around on his back with his stomach exposed.  “He’ll just sprawl himself out anywhere!”

Happy Tail: Jazz

Nothing gets in the kitchen without Jazz’s approval.  “Whenever I come home and bring groceries, he rubs his face on everything I take out of the bag,” says Jennie.  “We know who’s in charge.  He’s even claimed the kitchen cutting board as a sleep spot.”

Evolution of a Foster Cat

For Jennie, adopting a cat from a foster home meant opening up that home for other cats to be rescued. 

“If I can adopt this cat and help give (him) the best life I can then that means that (the foster) can take in another cat that might not have space anywhere else.”

Jazz certainly isn’t singing the blues in his new home!

Happy Tail: Jazz

-Kathy Saunders

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