Happy Tail: Louie and Ray-Ray (Formerly Simba and Mufasa)

In the summer of 2018 Louie (black cat, formerly Simba) and Ray Ray (tabby, formerly Mufasa), along with their four littermates, were living in an abandoned parking garage in Cabbagetown. Their sweet mother Raven was only a year old and was already on her second litter. Despite their momma’s best efforts to care for her young, this was in a no way an acceptable home for cats.

Thanks to the good work of Annex Cat Rescue volunteers, Raven and her kittens were trapped and given a better chance at life. Ray Ray, Louie, and their sister Nala went to a foster home, lovingly dubbed “Chez Nellcott” while the other kittens and momma cat went to live with other fosters.

Happy Tail: Louie and Ray-Ray

Stephanie and her five-year-old tabby Nellcott (a proud ACR adoptee) have turned their home into a hotel for foster cats. They have already fostered a number of cats and will continue to do so. You can read more about their hotel here (www.instagram.com/cheznellcott).

Ray Ray, Louie, and Nala were only six weeks old when they checked into Chez Nellcott. Uncle Nellcott quickly made the kittens feel right at home with his top-notch hospitality! This included lots of cuddles, playtime, grooming and naps.

Happy Tail: Louie and Ray-Ray

Foster parent Stephanie says the kittens were very spunky, outgoing, and had high-energy. She described Louie as outgoing, smart, and affectionate and Ray as cuddly, fearless, and hilarious. She believes in opening up her heart and home because she strongly believes the foster program sets up cats for success. Stephanie and Nellcott foster as a way to give back to the cat rescue community that brought Stephanie and Nellcott together four years ago.

Two months later, Ray Ray and Louie were adopted into their forever home with their new mom Patricia. Patricia thinks that being adopted with a sibling made the transition a lot easier for the two boys. Within half an hour they emerged from the carrier and made themselves comfortable on Patricia’s bed. Both boys are very playful and social lap cats. If you follow their social media www.instagram.com.louieandrayray you’ll see videos of them dancing with their humans. Ray really enjoys opening cabinet doors and just lounging inside. His brother Louie tries to copy him but is much larger and doesn’t quite fit.

Happy Tail: Louie and Ray-Ray

Patricia says they have become such an integral part of her home life but also her career. Patricia is a pre-school teacher and regularly tells her students about Louie and Ray Ray. She even got custom Louie and Ray Ray finger puppets to use in her classroom. The kids love them so much that one student asked her parents if she could have Louie and Ray Ray for Christmas!

Patricia is happy to spread the message to others that cats are funny, friendly and loving. She is thrilled to see that, so far, three of her students’ families have adopted cats. She strongly believes that having a cat can change the life of a child, and teach children to have more confidence and empathy.

– Sandra Dania

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