Happy Tail: Sarah

Pat and her husband Robert are self-professed cat people. Seasoned fosters, the couple have been welcoming kittens to their home, initially through the Toronto Humane Society and now through ACR, for years. Pat estimates that they have fostered 26 kittens in a row.

“We’re cat people. You do what you can. We have a house with space and we really like having cats so we have fostered many. It keeps things lively and fun,” Pat laughs.

Enter Sarah. A wily kitten, Sarah managed to evade Annex Cat Rescue trappers who had discovered her colony at a mechanic shop on Dixie Road, near Pearson airport. Three of her siblings, however, were successfully trapped and brought to Pat and Robert to be fostered. They were adopted in August 2018, but Pat knew that the remaining sibling was still living outside. When Sarah was trapped several months later, Pat felt a sentimental connection to the now 10-month old kitten and wanted to foster her.

Happy Tail: Sarah

“We knew she’d be pretty feral because she’d been out there all that extra time,” she explains. Pat says that feral cats are among her favourites, and that people should not hesitate to adopt or foster them. “They’re very cat-y and interesting. When they decide to become friends and accept you its very rewarding.”

They knew Sarah would be shy, and she was, but it didn’t last long thanks to Pat and Roberts’ “Uncle” cats—adult male cats that help teach and babysit their foster kittens. “We have two cats that we can Uncle Socks and Uncle Henry. Uncle Socks used to be feral—he’s the big burly guy and all the kittens love him. Sarah, of course, loved Uncle Socks.”

More of a cat’s cat than a people’s cat, Sarah fit in well in Pat and Robert’s household, which includes four cats and a dog. “She has settled right in and is very happy with Uncle Socks and Uncle Henry to keep her company.”

Happy Tail: Sarah

Pat laughs as she explains how Sarah eventually became a “foster fail.” Although women are typically pinpointed as “cat ladies,” her husband Robert is actually something of a “cat man.” He began to hint that he wanted to adopt Sarah and so in January 2019, on Robert’s birthday, they made it official and welcomed Sarah home permanently. “We just fell in love,” she said. “She’s a sweet cat and now she has a home, that’s what it boils down to. And we feel like we’ve got a complete set.”

– Jessica Pellerin

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