Announcing $5 Fridays!

Beginning May 8th and happening each Friday in May, Annex Cat Rescue hosts $5 Fridays.

We know times are tough just now, and that’s doubly true for charities such as ACR as we continue helping needy cats citywide despite being unable to stage our traditional in-person fundraisers.

We are asking supporters to pledge $5 to us, as small amounts really add up. AND you might win a fabulous gift basket! Here’s how it works…


  • Make a $5 minimum donation to ACR on May 8, 15, 22 or 29
  • To be eligible to win a gift basket, please COMMENT on a $5 Friday social media post on ACR’s profile. If you are seeing a shared post on someone else’s timeline, visit an ACR social media channel to comment on the original post! (Click here to check out our Instagram and Facebook accounts)
  • Draws will be made the following Saturday and we will announce the winner.

Why $5 Fridays? 

ACR’s fundraising season traditionally begins in the spring. Throughout spring and summer we attend many events where we are able to sell our volunteers’ handmade crafts. We love these events because we always get to meet and chat with ACR volunteers and supporters in our community – including many ACR parents! Due to COVID-19, all of the craft events that we typically attend have been cancelled.

We’re launching $5 Fridays as an alternative way to raise funds this spring, and we’re excited to bring together ACR’s online community as well. Thank you for supporting us, we look forward to hearing from you!

What you can win: 

Each week we’re raffling a unique basket to a lucky winner! These baskets have been created by ACR volunteers with prizes from several generous donors. Every basket has a minimum retail value of $50.

This week’s basket is a Purrfect Mother’s Day gift. It comes ready-for-Mom, with a bottle of wine, decorative items for the home (including a soy candle), a luxurious scarf, and much more!

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