Happy Tail: Motzi (formerly Ashton)

Grace had already adopted Thunder, a young male cat, when she decided almost immediately to look into adopting second rescue cat to keep him company. Enter Annex Cat Rescue. After visiting a few rescues in the city without finding what she was looking for, Grace found a connection with Motzi, formerly known as Ashton.

“His energy was perfect. It’s hard to explain, but I just knew he had to come home with me,” she says.

Happy Tail: Motzi

The adoption process took about two weeks. First, Grace set up an appointment to meet Ashton in person at his foster mother’s house. Rescue cat fosters, like Kelsey, are knowledgeable and able to offer some insight into the cat’s personality and needs, as well as provide advice on helping the rescue adapt to life indoors.

After Motzi’s neutering appointment, Grace picked him up and took him home to meet Thunder. The plan, as per Kelsey’s advice, was to introduce the cats slowly, keeping Motzi in a separate, fully stocked room until he was ready to see more of his new home and its occupants. Motzi settled in quickly and seemed eager to meet Thunder, so the two were able to meet face-to-face within 24 hours.

Happy Tail: Motzi
Motzi (bottom) and Thunder (top)

Some feral or rescue cats, however, can take one week or more to become confident enough to explore a new space, meet a new feline or seek out affection from humans, so “be patient and don’t rush the process,” says Grace.

Happy Tail: Motzi
Motzi (top) and Thunder (bottom)

Despite becoming fast friends with Thunder, Motzi took much longer to warm up to cuddles with Grace. She knew to give him the space he needed, and it was worth it. These days, they are three peas in a cuddly pod. “I was unable to hold Motzi for six months but I was patient and available. Now we cuddle and sleep together along with my other cat Thunder,” Grace says.

Happy Tail: Motzi
Motzi (right) and Thunder (left)

Motzi, for his part, loves snacks, falls asleep all over the place and is inseparable from his bonded brother, Thunder. “It’s not temporary,” Grace says. “You need to understand the finances, responsibilities moreover the commitment involved when considering adopting a pet.”

But, if you have patience and a cat-shaped space in your heart to fill, there is “no better way to bring an additional member into your home,” she says. “So many animals need homes, why not save a life?”

-Jessica Pellerin

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