Happy Tail: Thelma

After spending the first two years of her life outdoors, Thelma was rescued from an ACR colony in Toronto’s east end. With a few kind caretakers including her foster, Hector, Thelma regained a healthy weight and had her dental issues addressed including a surgery.

“Thelma was very shy, but she quickly began to show affection and appreciation for belly-rub sessions,” recalls Hector. Despite going through health challenges, Thelma would bounce back – from enjoying her scratch post to chasing her favourite laser pointer’s red dot!

Happy Tail: Thelma

When sweet Thelma’s adopter Sandy came to visit at Hector’s, Thelma was hiding under the couch. Sandy knew about Thelma’s gentle nature after speaking with an ACR volunteer, and didn’t want her to be overlooked any longer because of her demeanor.

At age six, Thelma went to her forever home with Sandy – who put some food and water out for Thelma on her first night and patiently waited for her to acclimate to her new space. Within a few weeks, Thelma was still hiding to sleep, but becoming more interactive and talkative.

Happy Tail: Thelma

Sandy was diligent in caring for Thelma – ensuring she regularly took medicine for hairballs. “She has been with us for a year now,” says Sandy. “She eats well, runs around and loves her mouse toy.” Sandy has seen many positive changes in Thelma.

“She went from hiding, to allowing me to pick her up, to enjoying cuddling. She has progressed so much.” Thelma enjoys sleeping on Sandy’s bed on a special pillow, and she will start a game of chase by greeting Sandy at the door and running around her in excitement.

The first time she was able to pick Thelma up, Sandy knew they had an unbreakable bond: “It was a beautiful moment – I realized that she trusted me.” Sandy has noticed other subtle changes in Thelma over time. “At some point, Thelma started to make eye contact with me. In the evening, she will call me to go rest and she will look right at me!”

Happy Tail: Thelma

When asked what adopting Thelma means to her, Sandy emphasizes their connection. “Thelma shows me 10 times over how much she loves me.” Especially during these challenging times, Sandy is grateful for their bond. “When COVID started, it was hard – I’m a person who likes to be outside. Just having Thelma at home with me has been so comforting.”

Both Hector and Sandy saw something special in Thelma and opened their hearts and homes to her as foster and adopter. “Thelma is a beautiful example of why ACR’s rescue efforts are worth the hard work and dedication,” says Hector.

Happy Tail: Thelma

“Thelma is a loving, resilient animal and any household would be lucky to have a cat like her as part of their family.” Sandy echoes Hector’s sentiments: “ACR is doing great work to rescue cats like Thelma and connect them with wonderful people. Thank you for making these great relationships a reality.”

Amy Ellen Soden

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