Happy Tail: Luna and Lightning (Formerly Lily and Neon)

Kanza and her husband were thinking about fostering cats with Annex Cat Rescue, when serendipitously, her clients came across three young kittens in the window well of their new house. The kittens’ mother did not return, so Kanza and Annex Cat Rescue took the kittens in. After a trip to the vet, Kanza was able to foster the three kittens.

Lightning (left) and Luna (right)

The two male kittens were named Neon (now Lightning) and Bumblebee (now Doodle) and the female kitten was named Lily (now Luna). Kanza already had two cats of her own and wasn’t looking to adopt a third one, but Bumblebee became very attached to her and she couldn’t bring herself to give him up so she and her husband adopted him and named him Doodle. Luckily, Doodle was not as bonded to his siblings as Luna and Lightning were to each other.

Kanza says Luna and Lightning were very bonded to each other and she was happy to see them go to their forever home together. Luna and Lightning were only posted online for maybe 12 hours when Megan and Tim enquired about the cats. Upon their face-to-face meeting, Megan’s son Hugo and the kittens were immediately drawn to each other. Although the kittens were quite shy with other people, they were so comfortable with Hugo that it was evident this was a match made in heaven.

Megan and Tim were looking for two rescue cats to adopt when they found Luna and Lightning. They had cats before and when their cat Jaggy passed away they knew that something was missing in their family. They wanted to get two cats instead of one so that the cats wouldn’t be lonely when the humans weren’t home. Megan says it’s been so heartwarming to see seven-year-old Hugo loving and caring for the kittens and to see how much they love him too.

Lightning is more of a lap cat and Luna is more independent and selective of who she gets close to but both cats are very warm, happy, and goofy. They are very cuddly with each other and also cuddly with their humans. They love to play with Hugo and gaze out the window.

Happy Tail: Luna and Lightning

Megan says, “We are totally cat people, all three of us. And Luna and Lightning seem like they are the happiest cats in the world, so it all worked out perfectly.”

-Sandra Dania

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