Happy Tail: Pina and Colada

Oliver first came across photos of Pina and Colada through the ACR website, and immediately knew that they would become family.

When Pina and Colada first arrived at their new furever home, they were initially scared and hid in Oliver’s daybed. Their foster Audrey mentions that the cats were not-well socialized; they were rather shy and scared of people. To help them get used to their new surroundings, Oliver set up a section with all their toys and food.

Happy Tail: Pina & Colada

Pina and Colada gradually became more comfortable. In the nighttime, the two cats would often jump onto the bed, and end up falling asleep by Oliver’s feet. The cats became curious, and on occasion would even sniff around Oliver’s face. After a few days, they began to ask for cuddles in the morning.

Happy Tail: Pina & Colada

Slowly they began to showcase their personalities. Pina is an outgoing, playful, and sociable cat, who enjoys asking for food at least four times a day. “Pina enjoys joining me when I am watching TV and reading on the couch,” Oliver says. Occasionally, Pina also likes to join in on Oliver’s yoga sessions.

By contrast, Colada can be more reserved, but is just as sweet and loving. Colada is also a very protective cat, even sizing up new guests that visit the home. During the day, Colada loves to hang out in little cubby holes around the home, and especially sitting in the base of the cat tree. Colada is also a fan of yoga, often joining Oliver during a session of restorative yoga.

Happy Tail: Pina & Colada

Both Pina and Colada are usually on the hunt for delicious treats. “They both love snacks a lot, and I have had to make sure I hide them well or else I end up with a huge mess of wrappers all over my home,” Oliver says.

Today, Pina and Colada have settled in their home for a year. Oliver has recently moved and mentions that the cats seem to love living in an apartment with two floors as the stairs are their new playground. “Pina and Colada spend most of their time in close proximity to one another and I love catching them in a twin snuggle,” Oliver says.

Happy Tail: Pina & Colada

Reflecting back on the past year, Oliver says, “They have a been a fantastic addition to my life and I’m grateful to have my two little twin monsters as part of my family.”

-Justina Tran

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